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Photo from internet - not the local wolverine but close to what people should watch for.
REPORTING · 26th May 2011
Walter McFarlane
A wolverine has been spotted prowling upper Kitimat. The animal has been confirmed in the areas around the Hirsch Creek Golf and Winter Club as well as in the Meldrum - Whittlesey Street areas. For one pet owner, the story begins with the end of her family’s pet of five years.

“I was just coming back from a dance practice at the High School and I thought what I saw was a grizzly bear, grizzly cub in the backyard. They sometimes do come through. I ran out and said: ‘shoo’ to get it back into the bush and it swung around and I saw it wasn’t a bear, it was a wolverine and it had my cat in its mouth, already dead,” said Anna Marie Carstens.

Carstens, her son and her husband, who heard her cry of alarm advanced on the wolverine and it dropped the cat retreating to the bush to growl at them. Carstens contacted the Conservation Officers and the Humane Society. She learned other people have been contacting them as well with sightings. A file has been opened on the wolverine. She added there were two cats missing on Meldrum which she was aware of.

“Apparently, we’ve had a few sightings of this wolverine which can be confirmed by someone who has wildlife knowledge, that they are not mixing it up with something else,” said Maryanne Baumbach.

She added the wolverine has killed a fox pup as well at the golf course. There are listings of four cats which have gone missing in the area. It is not normal behaviour for two of these cats. One has been missing for 4-5 weeks, while the other has been missing for 2 and ½ to three weeks. It could also be the same wolverine which has been spotted around Gyrfalcon, Whitesail and the Kuldo Extension.

“We’ve been warning people to please be careful, try to keep their pets close to them at all times, don’t let them run loose because these animals are very vicious and they are not going to care if it is human or animal alike, they will attack,” said Baumbach.

The Humane Society is asking anyone who spots a wolverine in town to call the conservation officer at 1-800-663-9453.

“Please let them know right away if you’ve had any spottings of them because we don’t want it to be a potential risk to children or humans who could be walking by,” said Baumbach. “He is in the area and a potential danger.”