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REPORTING · 26th May 2011
Walter McFarlane
People of Kitimat gathered at Riverlodge on Wednesday, May 11th, to meet with Doctor Howard Fisher, who spoke about who spoke about the effect of radiation from Cell Phones and other products on our everyday life. He joked about the scenery making up for the massive Alcan Smelter.

“We are expressions of our DNA. We are expressions of Protein because DNA is made up of cordons of amino acids and we are merely expressions of that. Anything that can affect that, anything that can change that will alter your life and I think you’ll find we have a really real threat,” said Fisher.

He explained people are made up of a trillion cells and body is based upon the function of the individual cell. He explained the secret to a longer life is Diet, supplementation of deficient nutrients, Detox, Exercise, Meditation and Elimination of Man Made Toxins.

Fisher explained the FDA has said there was no evidence which tied health problems to cellular phones and he said it was rubbish. Researchers in Europe have been examining the safety of cell phones. They discourage use by children. “Why are they saying that if they are safe?”

He pointed out it says in the cell phone manual that persons should not hold the cell phone against their body. Two Soviet journalists said a penny placed between two cell phones could cook an egg. He showed images of brain tumours and explained these were caused by cell phone usage.

“Dr. Neil Cherry, a professor in environmental studies from New Zealand came up with these: Electric magnetic fields of radiation damage DNA, enhance cell death rate and thus they are an ubiquitous universal genotoxic carcinogen. There is no safe threshold level. What does that mean? They are everywhere, they damage DNA and they cause cancer,” said Fisher.

He moved on to Doctor Vini Khurana who, after a study of all the research on mobile phones, stated the connection between cell phones and brain tumours should not be taken as a myth.

“All frequencies of EMFs at minimal levels cause DNA to release stress proteins. Different frequencies cause different stress proteins to be released,” said Fisher. “A stress protein is a cell trying to save itself. Humans are very resilient. We have the ability to overcome a lot of different environmental factors. There is no other species which can live from -40 to +40. Nothing on the planet can do that. Humans can. We now know that there are over 20 different stress proteins which can be released from different frequencies and they are all showing that there is something that is trying to damage your DNA,” said Fisher.

He put forward the hypothesis that there is something damaging our health and suggested 98% of the population has a weakened immune system. In Russia, railway switchyard workers were having blood problems, depression, fatigue, headaches and increased stress. They were working with electro magnets.

Next, he talked about Dr. Zorach Glaser who wrote a list of 5000 reasons why people should not expose themselves to microwave radiation. He lost his job and the list vanished.

Fisher explained there are people who are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation. They notice it. In San Francisco a law was passed to put the level of radiation produced by a cell phone on the label. They were sued.

“We know that electromagnetic radiation likes to effect, neurological tissue,” said Fissure, “We also know that radiation affects hormonal function. […] Then there is also the pituitary, pineal the neo thyroid gland and their functions all affect the biorhythm and the circadian rhythm and your brain activity.”

He pointed out the most neurological tissue is in the brain and people hold their cell phones next to their brains. He also pointed out by affecting hormonal function; electromagnetic fields can affect everything in your body.

Fisher then pointed out electromagnetic radiation provides a bone and nutrient deficiency and this was discovered within the last year.. He presented the common cancer in women as breast cancer, the most common cancer in men as prostate cancer and the number one cancer between men and women is colorectal cancer.

“So what if we are all being affected globally. You know, there is a really good chance that all the medical statistics we have now are all jaundiced because we are all being irradiated and no one’s ever considered that because we are all in an electro smog pollution bath that’s a million times worse than our grandparents,” said Fisher.

He pointed out how much electro radiation common house hold items have. It increases the chance of miscarriage and this relates to autistic spectrum. Children with cell phones have decreased attention span, are fatigued, the inability to learn and the ability to distinguish between sounds.

He explained children are vulnerable because they have a developing nervous system, longer lifetime exposure and greater absorption of radiation. He presented the highlights from a 600 page report from the Bio Initiative working group.

He explained there is a lot of company and government denial but they could both be right.

As for Wireless internet, 60 minutes of WiFi is equal to 20 minutes on a cell phone and WiFi can penetrate anything. He next presented a study by Doctor Nora Volkow which shows cell phone use speed up glucose metabolism in the brains altering blood flow away from the area.

Fisher explained there were 20,000 brain tumours that were related to cell phone use in 2005 and last year, there were 300,000. 11.7 Americans were diagnosed with cancer and millions of Cancer victims are yet undiagnosed.

He moved on to a study which explained cell phones as not dangerous; it considered the average user using a phone 10 minutes a week, did not take into account young adults nor did it consider the number of cordless phones in houses. He added in the next 20 years, there will be 500 million cases of brain cancer around the world.

Fisher connected the use of cell phones to the keeping of toxins out of the brain. This leads to Alzheimer’s which is on the rise.

He concluded by explaining noise fields. Devices which override one wave field through the use of another wave field the body does not understand. A Russian American scientist discovered a polymer which alters the radiation.

Finally, Fisher quoted Doctor Martin Blank: “People have to realize that just because you can’t see or feel it doesn’t mean it isn’t having an effect. Many of these are slow acting and bio accumulating.”
Could this polymer save your life?
Could this polymer save your life?
Chiropractor Fisher's Credentials..
Comment by Jon on 29th February 2012
Since about 2008 Chiropractor Fisher has started claiming an "M.B.B.S." medical degree behind his name. This suddenly started occering after Fisher's Asian lecture tour. Fisher, when requested, will not give any verifiable references for this 5 to 6 year semi-equivalent to an M.D.! For a year now I've been trying to ask him and others for any verifiable reference....and zip. Even his Boston chiropractic affiliate, after I asked him, took down all long-standing references to this medical degree from their shared web page. this affiliate is a legal forensic expert for court cases in medical claims (and researches medical credentials), as well as Fisher's chiropractic school clasmate! It seems that Fisher has something to hide regarding this 'medical degree' that he suddenly started his late fourties.
Comment by Jennifer Nijjer on 9th June 2011
You cannot block electromagnetic radiation (EMF's) however Noise Fields do not work that way. The Noise Field Research was initiated by the US Army back in 1986 and corroborated by Dr. Litowitz's work at the Catholic University of America in 1994. Many top institutions around the world have been doing research on noise fields and have found them to be successful in eliminating the EMF effects. Lumping the MRET polymer Noise Field product with all the frequency or metal foil stickers that are being marketed that may create hot spots is simply only indicating a lack of knowledge and awareness in this area. The Russian American physicist, Dr. Igor Smirnov, was the first and only person, to the best of my knowledge, to create a portable noise field and noise field effects have been published in peer reviewed journals.
Jennifer Nijjer
Comment by D Bell on 4th June 2011
well said Chris
Comment by chris gielens on 26th May 2011
I would be wary of this study. Yes it is truly yet undetermined the health effects of emf type radiation and yes some people are more sensitive to these types of fields. However, when a study also includes something to sell you just after they have frightened you, my spidey senses for snake oil begin to tingle. Not that I don't believe emf fields can not be shielded against, they can. However, one must look at what they are buying and apply a little common sense. Products being sold in theory have the potential to counteract emf fields, but and I must stress the but part: they would only ever have the ability of blocking a very narrow path of the emf field. To keep it simple, I will use the following example to help you draw a parallel to the items in question. If you go out in to the sun on a hot summer day when the UV index is high, you are being exposed to high radiation resulting in potential sun burns and with excess exposure the risk of developing skin cancers. Now lets say instead of either getting out of the sun completely or putting on sunscreen you hold up to the sun a piece of UV filtering glass. From your perspective looking through the glass you are now protected from the damaging rays and to a point you are. This does not take into account how fields of radiation work. Fields will in effect wrap around an object or reflect. Ever get a sunburn on a snowy day or at the lake as it bounces off the water? I you are told to simple apply an emf blocking device i.e. sticker on a cell phone, tv or other emf emitting device know that for it to work, the entire device would need to be covered. Sorry, its how emf fields work, do a little research first yourself. The same rules that allow the FDA and other regulating bodies to say emf generating electronics are allowed are being used by numerous individuals to claim they can block these fields to protect you. In reality, they are just cashing in on the latest scare. So remember, yes emf fields are bad for you, but unfortunately they are now a way of life. The only way to avoid them is not to be around them at all. But if you need to buy a sticker or pendant to make yourself feel better, perhaps the whole mind over body will work for you, just please don't try to involve science in the equation. P.S. if you are reading this on a computer screen, you should know the entire surface of the monitor would have to be covered with those stickers - even under the base.