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NEWS RELEASE · 24th May 2011
Joint Review Panel NEB
Enbridge Northern Gateway Project
The Joint Review Panel’s Use of Consultants

The Joint Review Panel (Panel) for the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project (Project) is an independent body, mandated by the Minister of the Environment and the National Energy Board (Board). The Panel will assess the environmental effects of the proposed project and review the application under both the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act and the National Energy Board Act.

Panel decisions are made entirely on the evidence that the parties place on the public record during the proceedings. The Panel relies on the Secretariat (internal technical staff) and in some instances consultants to provide assistance to assess the evidence on the public record.

Consultants are hired based upon their technical expertise in a required discipline. In providing technical assistance neither consultants nor Secretariat staff conduct project-related studies or provide any new evidence to the Panel. The Panel alone will make the final decisions based on all of the evidence on the record..

The Panel wishes to disclose that the following consultants have been retained:

• EmergWest Consulting to provide technical expertise on issues associated with accidents and malfunctions and emergency preparedness and response planning in the marine environment for the Project;

• BGC Engineering Inc. to provide technical expertise on issues associated with geotechnical matters and terrain stability for the proposed pipeline and marine infrastructure facilities; and

• Hatfield Consultants to provide technical expertise to assist in the identification and assessment of environmental effects resulting from marine transportation and the marine terminal and infrastructure facilities.

Before being retained, consultants are required to provide the Panel with written assurance that neither it, its employees or subcontractors have a conflict of interest in the proceeding.

Consultants are further required to disclose dealings they have had with any parties in the proceeding and in the course of other proceedings currently before the Board. The Board makes inquiries to satisfy itself that such dealings would not affect the consultant’s ability to provide objective assistance. In situations where there have been prior dealings between the consultant and any other parties or where such dealings subsequently occur, these are disclosed to allow parties to comment. The Board considers those comments in deciding whether to use, or continue to use, a particular consultant. Contractors retained are also subject to terms of confidentiality with respect to the information received and developed in the course of their retainer with the Board.

The Board is satisfied that based on the information disclosed by the above consultants there are no conflicts of interest that would affect each consultants’ ability to provide objective and unbiased assistance to the Panel.

Should anyone wish to make any comments in relation to this information, the Panel asks that they respond to the Panel in writing, by 15 June 2011, 5 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time.
Jobs for Kitimat
Comment by Cem on 26th May 2011
It is said by some of the local people that there really won't be that many jobs for the people of Kitimat, is this true?

If there are jobs for the people of Kitimat and Kitimaat Village than why shouln't we say "Yes" to Enbridge, if the pipline doesn't come here it will benefit someone, where it will go? We can't stop progress. Do you still drive a car? a gas guzzling SUV or truck? Do you use a bus? the ferry?