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REPORTING · 19th May 2011
Walter McFarlane

It was announced this afternoon, May 19th at 2:00 pm that Ron Poole will be the new CEO for the District of Kitimat. Poole is the current CAO for the City of Terrace.

“We’re really excited about Mr. Poole as our new manager. We are in the enviable position of right now having an upswing in our economy and I think we needed a manager with the skill set he has to help us move ahead and our community wants to go forward and I think he’s the man to do it. He has 26 years of experience, he’s well respected in Terrace, with the local First Nations and other municipalities around the province,” said Mayor Joanne Monaghan.

Poole will begin working for the District of Kitimat on July 4th, 2011.
Hey Brad Part 2
Comment by Philip Germuth on 26th May 2011
First off sorry to Mr Poole- this article has gone off track of welcoming you to our community. As for Terrace council let me say that all actions I mentioned happened under the previous council - not the present group.

However Brad if you want to welcome somebody here then maybe do just that next time. When you start dredging up the past with statements you cant prove - which just happen to be exactly the same statements individuals who were paid by Alcan used- all your doing is provoking somebody to put the other side of the story out there.

KTIDS and others funded by Alcan once again couldnt ever name one industry that wanted to provide good jobs in Kitimat that was rejected by our municipal manager. Can you name one Brad? I doubt it.

There is only one party responsible for why our community has never had the opportunity to fully realize our true potential - (Rio Tinto) Alcan. And you know it Brad. Not our present council or any other council in history has ever been to blame for a lack of ' industrial development within the vicinity of the works'.

Do you remember Brad how the provincial government had to threaten Alcan with expropriation years ago to assist Eurocan in locating here?

And more recently Brad do u remember that there was a group inquiring about the possibilty of building a clarifier ( i believe that is the correct term) here. Do you remember what RTAs Paul Henning said to that? He said no way because Rio Tinto Alcan was worried about the pollution that might come their way. Are you kidding? One of BCs largest polluters saying no the economic development because they're worried about pollution - come on Brad- even u should be able to admit its laughable for Paul Henning to try that excuse.

I dont wanna get to far into the economic development issue right now - saving that for another article I'm workin on.

Given everything negative against our community Brad that KTIDS , Alcans concerned citizens, and the KItimaat Port Development societies members have been involved in its pretty clear Brad that their way of 'economic development' has been an absolute disaster for Kitimat. I really dont think you want me to put that all back out there.

Remember Brad that both the previous Mayor and council of Kitimat and Terrace insisted that this group whose opinions you seem to share not use the communities name in their group- that says alot right there.

And now we have a new group in town using the name Kitimat in their title. And out of the 5 members i know of 4 are either present or previous KTIDS members. And all 5 of them were members of Alcans concerned citizens group who you remember ran the most expensive, well organized , and dirtiest campaign in our history.

I am not implying that every single member of these groups are really that bad but when you have individuals that make up lees than 2% of our population yet they make up 100% of these questionable groups, it really makes you wonder.

Brad obviously we both want to see Kitimat thrive. But when it comes to economic development it is obviously time for some new people - and relatively speaking younger individuals- to try a different approach.

It is a fact that you cant deny Brad - certain individuals have burned thru millions of dollars- some of it taxpayers money- and havent accomplished a damn thing for Kitimat.

Do you know where the money went Brad?
The future...
Comment by Brad Opheim. on 24th May 2011
Phil, I am going to assume we are on the same page in wanting Kitimat to grow and prosper. That we both want thriving retail and service sectors and kids in our schools and doctors working in our hospital and jobs for those kids as they grow up.
My comments are my hope for a more positive future, as the past hasn't been what most would call "positive" in any respect.
What Mr. Poole did on behalf of Terrace and it's council was follow orders. I don't support what Terrace council did, but Mr. Poole got the job done. Kitimat needs someone who will get the job done to the benefit of Kitimat . Economic developement and growth for Kitimat will benefit everyone. I believe Mr. Poole has the experience and contacts and the respect of those government officials who can decide Kitimat's fate. I don't have any inside information or "names" ,just a hope and optimism that positive change is coming to Kiitmat. As for what happened in the past , I think we need to instead look to the future and try to take advantage of the economic opportunities that are on the horizon.
Our views/opinions on how we get there may differ Phil, but I'm pretty sure we both want the same result,to see Kitimat prosper.
I believe Mr. Poole is a step in that direction.
Comment by richard on 22nd May 2011
Thanx`s Philip, for the reminder. another nitemare or a fresh can of Worms. one you won`t forget until it`s to late. say no to any sponsorship from Enbridge. You`ll regret later,when it`s to late,unless you have something to gain. Welcome For Now.Let`s see what happens in the near future. lol more spin doctors coming at you.
Hey Brad
Comment by Philip Germuth on 22nd May 2011
Could you please elaborate on just who these people are you mention that were trying to make positive economic growth a reality for Kitimat. I sure hope your not talking about the same people (ktids etc) who were PAID by RTA to bash the reputation of kitimat all across the country. Lets not forget these are the same people who as you put it were respected by provincial govt and a certain local first nations only because they were willing to sell us out to corporate interests.
I sure hope Brad your not talkin about the same group that sent their letter THREATENING a corporation (on behalf of RTA of couse) that wanted to locate in kitimat.

Do you remember Brad the $18,000 slap in the face ad that terrace put in the provincial paper against kitimats best interests? And do you remember terrace trying to get other communities to buy into that ad? Do you know who it was that signed the letter to those other communities saying that even if they couldnt come up with their share Terrace would make up for it?

Dont forget Brad which community was willing to sell us out just because RTA was willing to throw 450,000 dollars at them and of course make sure that kitimat sufferred while a certain corporation hired their people instead of ours.

Mr Poole I am sure will be reading this. And I welcome you to Kitimat as much as anybody else. But I am sure you can understand given the actions of your former employer against my community that we are proceeding with a certain degree of caution.
Kitimat needs...
Comment by Brad Opheim. on 21st May 2011
The future of Kitimat is at stake. Will there be jobs for our kids, stores to shop in , medical services, schools, etc. After years of negative attitude, "you can't do that" being the mantra of the city manager, Kitimat has a chance to take advantage of some of the greatest economic opportunities in the Province. Not since Alcan was built has there been talk of "thousands " of workers, LNG plants and other possible investment in Kitimat.
Mr. Poole is well known, and more importantly well respected by the municiple,provincial, federal and first nations representatives he is going to deal with on behalf of Kitimat. He has shown he can "work with" as opposed to antogonize the very people who can make positive economic growth a reality for Kitimat. Kudos to Mayor and council for your choice, and welcome to Kitmat Mr. Poole.