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REPORTING · 18th May 2011
Walter McFarlane
Andrew Nikiforuk was in Kitimat on Tuesday, May 10th to present: “The Full Cost of Oil” to the people of Kitimat. He had already presented his presentation in Terrace earlier that day.

“I’m looking at the Economic, the Politic and the Environmental Footprint of the Enbridge Pipeline as well as the Oil Sands in general,” said Nikiforuk.

He stated the Oil Sands were the world’s largest energy project, and it had grown ‘too big for its own good.’ His opposition to the pipeline is because it would ramp up production in Fort McMurry by 30%.

“I don’t think that’s a good thing. I don’t think it’s good for Alberta or the Country or for BC,” said Nikiforuk. “One of my chief concerns is, when you look at it economically, the amount of energy you need to take Bitumen out of the ground, upgrade it, put it a pipeline and put it on a supertanker is so extreme that there is very little surplus energy at the end of the day.”

He explained light oil had incredible energy returns. The Oil Sands project is the reverse of this concept. To create the oil which is being exported requires spending a lot of natural gas in order to produce a low quality crude oil. It makes little sense to globalize.

Nikiforuk suggested using the oil sands locally to produce a transition to a low carbon economy. “To do anything else with it, it’s just going to create problems, and export problems."

For avideo of his presentation in Terrace, click
Gerry Hummel, Dieter Wagner and Andrew Nikiforuk
Gerry Hummel, Dieter Wagner and Andrew Nikiforuk