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NEWS RELEASE · 28th April 2011
Walter McFarlane
Question 10 said he liked the neighbours to the south and earned money from NAFTA. He asked Maggie Braun what her stand was on NAFTA. He said some commodities were left out of the agreement and wanted to know what their stand was on NAFTA and the commodities not involved.

Rod Taylor said he was opposed to NAFTA as Canada had suffered under it. If there was going to be free trade, then it should be free. He was a part of the industry which was hurt by softwood lumber which was excluded. He hoped people, elected or not, could draw up agreements of trade and accessibility. Canada has to stand sovereign and not make agreements they may regret.

Roger Benham said he was not an expert on NAFTA but felt they were bullied into agreements for what Americans wanted most. He hoped renegotiation was possible with an equal footing.

Braun clarified fair trade was her party’s interest. If it was benefiting Canadians, then it would fall into an agreement which was fair for Canada and they would keep it. However, fair gain for everyone but us would be renegotiated into fair trade.

Kyle Warwick disagreed with NAFTA being undemocratic. He said free trade would make us competitive and he wanted to build trade with other countries.

Clay Harmon said the riding has a lot of people working in the transportation industries. He said on his way to Kitimat, he heard an ad for employees for CN on the radio, the Port Authority was expanding. It creates a lot of jobs and the free trade agreement creates the jobs. He accused the NDP of voting against them every time.

Nathan Cullen pointed out the large print gives and the small print takes away. He said free trade has a clause which allows the American’s to Tariff. The free trade for lumber gives forestry policy to Washington. If BC government wants to change policy for forestry, Washington can cancel it. He said it comes down to who is doing the negotiating.