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REPORTING · 27th April 2011
Walter McFarlane
The 7th question was directed to Nathan Cullen. He was asked if principles should be restored in politics.

He joked about the questions not being about him losing his principles or character along the way. He said politicians should be accessible to people, able to speak their minds and not be under the thumb of a party. People chose who they want to speak on their behalf. “I work for you. I don’t work for the NDP, I don’t work for Jack Laton, I don’t work for Steven Harper. I work for you,” said Cullen. He said he has had outreaches and forums across the riding, not just for him to hear about local interests but to allow neighbours to as well. He added they need to get back to a foundation of what is good for the constituents, not what is good for the parties.

Roger Benham said he would add integrity and honesty as well. He would love it if promises were kept. The question period was in shambles with two rules, do not answer the question and be as rude as you can. He liked the idea of cooperation.

Kyle Warwick agreed with the question. He hoped to go beyond the rhetoric. The Liberal Government wanted to create the people’s question period where anyone could ask questions and get clear answers and have questions answered during question period. He said the Liberal Party works with other parties.

Maggie Braun said this is what the Canadian Action Party was about. They are Canadian Citizens concerned with politics today and have given up on voting for propaganda and lies. “I always thought politicians were supposed to uphold our sovereignty in this country and our Charter of Rights and our rule of law and the more that I pay attention to what’s going on, the more I realize that’s not what they’re doing anymore. They are telling us what they want to hear and they’re having their propaganda segments and a lot of us are buying it.”

Rod Taylor said everything they do needs to be based on principles and character. The only reason we have our freedoms was because of leadership of integrity and character. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms says Canada is founded on principles of Supremacy of God and Rule of Law. Laws are based on things which do not change and move. While morality is shifting, we can establish where we go as a society.

Clay Harmon said when he was recruited, he went to people who know him best and asked if there was a reason for him not to run. He was told to go ahead. He saw a quote which said ‘bad things happen when good people do nothing.’ He saw things which were happening which did not seem right. “I may not saying I’m a good man but maybe I’m a good man in progress. Ethical standards are fundamental to why I’m here,” said Harmon.