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REPORTING · 27th April 2011
Walter McFarlane
The fifth question was in regards to the Middle East. Egypt went through a violent revolution. The speaker wanted to know if it was still safe for troops in the Middle East.

Nathan Cullen said Ignatief worked on the principle of duty to protect after seeing what took place in Rwanda and Somalia. It was difficult to say we should not engage in the world. Cullen said how to engage and on what terms was critical to avoid ending up spilling blood and treasure without gain. He said Canada is engaged in a no fly zone prompted by the leader of the country, whom he considered a raving lunatic, who is using his air force to allow the streets to flow with the citizens’ blood. Cullen said it would be a shame for Canadians to see his promise fulfilled on the news.

Kyle Warwick said this was a complex issue as there were a multitude of countries with a multitude of issues. He said we should stay out of Iraq and attempt to get out of Afghanistan. He said Libya was a responsibility to protect. There were no boots on the ground and there should not be.

Roger Benham said Afghanistan was supposed to be because they attacked the USA. He agreed with Libya because a leader was killing their people. He said it was different in other countries where people were being killed but they do not want to upset the oil. He said there was no reason but oil and he was ashamed they have attacked a sovereign nation for no other reason which is viable under international law.

Maggie Braun said there is a lot of false information about the Middle East. She said this was not about oil, it was about banking. She said as a sovereign nation with their own bank which they were using appropriately. Everyone has access to education, health care, water and hopefully, they will still have this when they are done over there. She added the rebels started a bank a few days into this. Bankers were starting the wars.

Rod Taylor disagreed with Libya because there were lunatics all over the world. “We are fortunate to live in a country where we elect our own brand of lunatic,” said Taylor. He said in the Middle East, they do not get in through democratic election, they get in through guns. He said he was worried when the conflicts are settled, they will have set up a brotherhood capable of attacking Israel. He disagreed with going in guns blazing.

Clay Harmon said the question, about whether or not it is safer for Canadians to stay in the Middle East, had a problem. Canadian soldiers are not safe when they dawn a uniform. Canada is in agreements with NATO to provide support. He accused the Liberal government of decimating the military and embarrassing Canada in the world. The conservatives are rebuilding the military. It is not safe but it is important to maintain Canadian dignity in the international community, they need to rebuild the military.