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REPORTING · 27th April 2011
Walter McFarlane
The first question was asked by Bill Vollrath. He asked the candidates about Roxanne’s Law, explaining it would be illegal for a man to coerce his wife, girlfriend or victim to have an abortion. Prime Minister Harper and 21 Cabinet Members voted against the bill. He wanted to know why and what Clay Harmon’s thoughts were on the vote.

Harmon said he did not know why. He said it was very bad if someone was coerced into an action against their will. He said coercion was completely inappropriate and they need to protect family values. If a woman was being threatened, it is completely inappropriate behaviour appropriate of criminal investigation.

Roger Benham chimed in saying he had no knowledge of this. He said an abortion was a woman’s choice and not a man’s.

Maggie Braun said it was sad the way society encourages women to have abortions but it encourages men to push that on women. She said the most vulnerable people in society needed to be protected. She added choice is important to women.

Nathan Cullen did not know what Harper’s motivation was. He said he was a pro choice candidate and he said he knew the law, coercion is illegal. If someone coerces an abortion, that is against the law. If they needed to change what the penalty is or the severity they could do that. He said the bill was to raise the issue of abortion, adding Harper’s Cabinet were in discussions with pro life organizations.

Rod Taylor said Harper will not reopen the discussion over why 100000 plus children are killed every year. He explained Roxanne’s Law was named for a Pilipino woman who was murdered by her boyfriend after refusing to have an abortion. He stated some women are intimidated by their boyfriends into having abortions.

Kyle Warwick said he was a pro choice candidate and choice goes in both directions. He said he did not know all the details and could not understand why this is a necessary law.