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REPORTING · 27th April 2011
Walter McFarlane
The fourth Candidate to speak was NDP Candidate and Incumbent, Nathan Cullen. He thanked the organizers and recognized this forum was taking place on the traditional territory of the Haisla First Nations. He requested no one yell out the score of the Canucks game during the forum.

“For the 7 and a half years, it has been my honour to be your voice in Ottawa, voice across this region and voice across Canada. It has been an incredible experience, it has been a profound experience because this is a big beautiful riding,” said Cullen. “It is a riding that is a little bigger than the country of Poland and it’s complexity needs to be almost translated for those sitting in our nation’s capital because often times, our voices in Western Canada don’t quite make it over the Rockies and we need to yell a little louder, stomp our feet a little bit and make sure our interests are also being met in the nation’s capital and the nation’s business.”

He said he believes politics need to be done differently. He reaches out to the other parties to get things done. He does believe the parties should work with one another because Canadians expect the parties to make compromises. No party has all the solutions and no brand of politics is perfect.

“I lament that our politics seems to be slipping further and further down into attack ads and baseless personal accusations rather than dealing with the issues at hand. That kind of politics has born some success. We in the Northwest have received more Federal dollars in the past couple of years than we have in our entire history,” said Cullen.

He stated there has been a lot of uncertainty in the last couple of years. Will Rio Tinto Alcan do the rebuild, the LNG projects. He added the uncertainty can be devastating to a community and eat at the heart of a community. He said the future was looking bright with the coming projects and further potential.

He said people needed to work together, promote ideas which do not put the environment over the economy and put people first.