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REPORTING · 27th April 2011
Walter McFarlane
The third Candidate to introduce himself was the Candidate from the Christian Heritage Party, Rod Taylor. He expressed his party was the 6th largest party in Canada, the Green Party is the 5th and they are the 2nd largest party who has not elected anyone to office and the largest party that has not received taxpayer funding.

“We are a pro life, pro family Federal Party committed to eliminating the debt and like a household mortgage, we think we should be paying off that debt, not adding as what has been happening over the last two years under a so called Conservative government: 100 billion dollars of additional debt. We think that income tax should be abolished and replaced with a general sales tax. We think that would be better for families because you could decide how much tax you want to pay. If you want to purchase a luxury automobile, you will pay more tax. If you want to purchase an economical model, you pay less,” said Taylor.

He said one of their items was a family care alliance where one parent can earn money for staying home with school age children, $1000 a month as a wage for the service. It would free up places in the work place for those who seek employment and bring people off social assistance and employment insurance.