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REPORTING · 19th April 2011
Walter McFarlane
Students Linda Horianopoulos and Kaitlyn Hartmann took the stand at the City Council on Monday, April 18th. They stepped up to speak about the High School Drama Club’s request for a Travel Grant.

“We’re here to talk to you about our club and it’s progression in competing in Zones. In the past, we’ve been fairly low budget, recycled all our sets and we’ve competed at Zone and year after year, we get better. We get more awards. This year, we have a quarter of the awards. Out of 6 schools, we won a quarter. A special award we won was the best reserve production,” said Horianopoulos.

She explained this year, the competition decided to do something special. They opened up three slots so second place performances could also go down to the provincials and perform.

Since they are able to attend the provincials, 8 students, including the cast, the crew and three chaperones are traveling to New Westminster to attend. They are looking for community support in the form of $13,000 for the trip to cover fees, transportation and accommodation.

“Going to provincials will be able to help our club in future years as we will be able to pass on what we have learned. I would also hope that going to provincials would have the potential to attract more people to join Drama Club, to improve their public speaking skills and their confidence. It’s amazing what being in drama club can do for a student,” said Horianopoulos.

Councillor Rob Goffinet wanted to know what the plot of the play was. Horianopoulos, the writer of the performance, explained the play is a short, light comedy about three girls who attend a yoga class because they believe the yoga teacher ‘is the most gorgeous man in the world.’ She added there is a twist ending.

Mayor Joanne Monaghan wanted to know if the people of Kitimat would be able to see the play. The response was the play was put on at an in town performance and they wish to put on another one.

Council carried the travel grant. The Drama Club is still looking for assistance to head to the festival. Anyone who would like to assist in this endeavour is asked to contact Brenda Feldhoff at the Mount Elizabeth Theatre.