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REPORTING · 19th April 2011
Walter McFarlane
BC LNG consulted with the people of Kitimat at Riverlodge on April 14th. “We’re having our first open house as a part of the public consultation process in conjunction with seeking permits to construct and operate a small scale liquefied natural gas project,” said Thomas Tatham, the Managing Director of LNG Partners.

BC LNG is a smaller project then the Kitimat LNG. The project is planned to be constructed on District lot 95, a kilometre south of the former Moon Bay Marina.

Residents were curious about the project, what BCLNG would mean for the community and how many jobs it would create. Tatham expects BCLNG would create at least 2 dozen permanent jobs to man and service the facility but there is an added benefit to this project.

“There are a couple of areas where our project is much different then the others, besides the small scale. We’re going to use the existing Pacific Northern Gas Pipeline which is largely empty and once we fill that pipeline up, it will have a very positive effect on the ratepayers who use that system for gas service,” said Tatham.

Another benefit is the project will be marketed as a Co-op for all the producers who want to support the facility and the buyers who seek to buy from the facility. The project is already partners with the Haisla Nation.

“We’re hoping to get all our permits in the 3rd quarter [or] early in the 4th quarter of this year. We’ll award the construction contracts by the end of the year if that’s the case. Hopefully, be in service by the 4th quarter of 2013. That’s if everything goes as we hope it goes,” said Tatham.
Comment by richard j morhart on 21st April 2011
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