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REPORTING · 11th April 2011
Old Massett Village Council
Old Massett Village Council is doing water testing to make sure we are not exposed to radiation from the events in JAPAN. I will post the latest test results on the band office bulletin board and on the HEALTH CENTER bulletin board as soon as the results come in.

We are testing the rainwater, the stream water (near Rivtow) and the tap water. In addition this time we tested some goat’s milk to see if the levels were higher in milk.

We are testing for: Cesium 134, Cesium 137, Iodine 131 & Ruthenium 103

TEST DATE: April 8th. 2011.


We are seeing an increasing presence of one radiation component (Iodine -131) in RAIN WATER. The Iodine-131 reading has decreased since April 6th and is now at a low level again. However, as expected this reading fluctuates with the weather and events in Japan. As this reading can very quickly increase, the following notice remains in effect for now:


The readings from the goat’s milk were all higher than the rainwater readings by approximately 3/100 of Bq/L but are still at a low level. (Bq/L=becquerels/Liter which is the unit of measurement the lab uses).

Both tap water and stream water continue to show absolutely no signs of any radiation contamination and therefore are safe to drink from this viewpoint.