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Firefighter Rick Thompson shows off some of the new equipment.
REPORTING · 6th April 2011
Walter McFarlane
The Kitimat Fire Department has some new equipment necessary for saving lives. They have received a JEP grant for it and the new equipment has arrived.

“In late 2009, we applied for a JEP grant. That’s a Federal Grant that you get for buying emergency equipment for towns and stuff. In mid 2010, we got notified that we didn’t make the first cut but they would keep us on their list,” said Fire Chief John Klie.

If someone cannot go ahead with their project, the money goes back to the Province and they will contact a second group. The Kitimat Fire Department was called back in December to tell them they were back on the list and would be able to go ahead with their program.

At the end of January, they received another phone call telling them if they could get the project done by March 31st, they would get the grant money for the new extrication equipment.

“The new equipment is new and improved. With the new cars coming out and the new technologies, every time they make improvements to the cars, it makes it harder on the people who have to go and rescue people if there is a car accident. Cars are built stronger today. Their components are new materials and so we found our old cutters and our old spreaders were unable to cut through a door post or a roof post like they could on the old equipment,” said Klie.

The pumps are bigger, the cutters have better tips and the spreaders have more pressure and spread further. The city paid half of the money for this new equipment, the Federal Government paid the other half.