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NEWS RELEASE · 4th April 2011
Various Canadians
Who do Politicians work for?

Do they work for the public , the people who elected them and pay their wages, or are they working for their party and special interest groups ( I do not mean our vast ethnic population) ... company or industry Y gets favored over company or industry Z ?

In the past we have seen on both provincial and federal levels political parties not allowing OUR elected members to vote how their constituents would like them to vote, but along party lines, to the extent if they do vote otherwise, they are reprimanded or even get kicked out.

So do we have in Canada a democracy or a democratic dictatorship, wherein every so often we get to elect the person/persons who dictate to us? Dictatorship is defined as a minority deceiding for he majority.

Martin Holzbauer, Terrace, BC

To the Editor

I am just wondering how Prime Minister Harper protected the Canadian economy. Did he create or amend the Canadian banking system! Spend too much money creating too few temporary jobs. Did he reduce taxes and not increase fees? Increase the price of commodity exports?

If someone knows I would like to see it spelled out. It doesn’t seem to me that it has worked in Northwestern B.C.

Maurice Richard from Lakelse Lake, B.C.

Residential School Murders and Deaths

To all Candidates;

On March 24, Prime Minister Steven Harper was issued a Public Summons by an International Tribunal in London, England to answer charges of concealing the murder of children in Canada's Indian residential schools. Considering that Canada's so-called Truth and Reconciliation Commission has no mandate to bring criminal charges against the government and churches responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of these children, will you support an international investigation into crimes in Canadian Indian residential schools - and if not, why not?

Kevin Annett