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CONTRIBUTION · 1st April 2011
FayEllen McFarlane
I am writing this letter because since February, many people have stopped me on the street or phoned to tell me about the recent delivery of the Northwest Region Phone Directory and some Sears catalogues, they were concerned that the Scouts had delivered the books.

You see, Scouts Canada has held a contract to deliver phone books in Kitimat for twenty or more years. We have strict guidelines to follow in our delivery: only clean, dry books in perfect condition are to be handed out, never thrown at the house: books are to be placed in a mailbox or hung on a doorknob in a plastic bag, never shoved behind a door; delivery is to be made using the walk or driveway, never shortcut across the lawn or flowerbed!

Every home where someone is living is to receive a directory unless there is a scary dog in the yard. Record “dog” on the delivery sheet and the company will mail out a book.

And the company follows up with random phone calls to see that the rules were followed. You may have received a call in the past. They ask "Did you receive a phone directory?" and continue to learn if it was in good condition and if you have any complaints. I guess if there had been complaints, we wouldn't still be delivering the books; and people wouldn't think of me when they see a phone book being chucked up their driveway through the open window of a car or find one that has become jammed in the chute of their snow blower!

This is to let you know that Scouts Canada has not delivered any books recently, and when they deliver the Yellow Pages in July, you can be sure you will receive a clean, new book that has been carried up to your front door and left where you can find it!

Thank you for your time.
FayEllen McFarlane
Who is Delivering
Comment by Wet Catalogs on 1st April 2011
i have nothing to say that is good to the persons delivering the sears catalogs. All winter the book were thrown on my driveway. Every one who has had a problem write here to let the sports team that does deliver them its time to smartin up. I know who you are.
Just because you like the water does not mean I like my catalogs in the water.