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COMMENTARY · 25th March 2011
Merv Ritchie
Today, March 25, 2011 at 11:20 am the Canadian Parliament voted to close their doors to business. This means, yes an election, but more importantly, the end of debate and discussions. On the day a Canadian General is instructed to take over directing a campaign of war against another, non aggressor country, on a day when Japan announces the failure of reactor number three’s containment vessel leaking plutonium, (the most dangerous toxic substance known to man), into the open surrounding ocean and land, on a day when nothing is more important to the people of Canada than a debate to address these most serious concerns, the Parliamentarians decide to call it a day and go home.

This, my friends, is a crime.

Now we all individually get to watch the outrageous display of Canadians at war, with the entire affair being directed by our own General, having no Government to challenge it.

Now we get to observe a continuing meltdown in Japan, the worst Nuclear accident since Chernobyl, get worse, with no Government to debate what to do about it or how to prepare for effects from it.

Those who believe this wasn’t a pre-planned affair, wasn’t thought about in great detail and manipulated by others to enact this entire vote to end the Canadian Parliament are deluded. This was all planned to distract us from the horrific reality of the world today. Lets talk election and watch pretty pictures of Halo 360 live on the telly. Lets not frighten the sensitive Canadian, distract him.

Our international neighbours, to the south, the good old US of A are challenging their President for taking them into another war. What is wrong with us and our media? Call it whatever the Mainstream Media wants; we are dropping bombs on a Country who was not a threat to any other Country. If we want to talk about them killing their own people and how this is the bar we need to step in and start bombing a Country over, then there is easily a list of a dozen others we should be bombing.

And what is this “No-Fly Zone” bullshit all about. Yes, passed by resolution 1973 in the United Nations, but how is it that before this motion passed no other country flew there? Now that we have a “No-Fly Zone” every country in the world, except Libya, gets to fly there. Am I alone here in finding this ludicrous? There is a word for actions and deeds such as these. Malicious. The western world is being betrayed by their governments and their media. Another word, Treasonous.

No where was it heard in Parliament, in the last few days, on the illegality of our Canadian troops bombing targets in Libya. (Our email to our MP Nathan Cullen, to clarify this declaration of war was not responded to.) It is bad enough to have our boys and girls sent home in boxes from Afghanistan, but now we are in another Military engagement, get it, WAR, and our parliamentarians vote to go home and not even let these words escape their lips.

Lots of other things have happened too with the closing of the doors of the ‘Civilians Government Business Responsibility Chamber’ the bill to ban crude oil tankers on the west coast, the one which demanded the Government put a bill forward for the members to vote on banning tankers all along the Northwest coast of BC, is now dead. Dead in the water, just like some of our brave men and women will be, just like some tankers will be, just like our environment will be, just like those Japanese workers who stepped into a pool of water only to discover their feet were burning up, will be. They stepped into pools of the worst radioactivity slop ever dreamt up. Just like this international manipulation to close the Canadian people's democracy chamber.

And our Parliamentarians are quitting now for at least a couple of months to ask you to vote them back in.

How pathetic is that?
Leadership still in place
Comment by Daniel Carter on 26th March 2011
The current ministers are still in control of their duties still have authority to suggest to the Governor General of any major changes that need to be made. There is no breakdown of the chain of command. New bills cannot be passed or made. No spending can be done, but the current duties in place are looked after.
From Japan
Comment by M Craven on 26th March 2011
I live in Tokyo and have tried hard to contact various federal ministers. Not one has replied back to me. Our country and government has done. I can give you a timeline of the Embassy in Japan's response and how little information they have given Canadians and how they are impossible to contact during a disaster. My cousin and I phoned multiple times over the period of 6 days and they couldn't even answer the phone! Is this how Canadians respond to a disaster?

I am a professor with strong ties to the Japanese government, I write speeches and edit documents for members of Japan's Parliament. A record 262 aftershocks of magnitude 5 or greater were registered in the first seven days following the 8.9-magnitude Tohoku earthquake on March 11. My three children are scared; do Canadians even care about the anxiety and fear of children?

Harper stated that this is not an emergency and Canadians can easily return. As an expat it is hard for me to return because I will have no job and I am ineligible for any support for at least three months because I am a non-resident of a province. I am stunned with what I have witnessed in the first week by the governments response and the Embassy inefficiency. It was very frustrating that our government thinks it is just so easy to escape a natural disaster and uses a call center with workers who have no clue about Japan from Ottawa to give advice by phone...what has happened to Canada since I left?

I still have family in Northern BC, I would return in a heartbeat with my children if there was work. It saddens me that the US has done more for me and my family than Canada has. It troubles me knowing how serious this disaster is in Japan and how it is getting very little media coverage due to Canada's unstable government.

Mr. Ritchie, in the future I hope you could show some respect for the Japanese workers. Japan has learned Canada doesn't care so it would be better to use another nation’s people as an example. Did you know according to local Tokyo media even North Korea has given more aid then Canada...Anyone who follows me on facebook or twitter will be able to confirm the horror I have seen and my family is experiencing. I only hope that our waters in BC are safe.

There is a lot of information that has gone unreported and I think that all members of Parliament should be there to listen to a expat who was born in Canada and raised in Kitimat when he says that he is scared for the safety of his family and is there any help or plan to help Japan? This is one of the worst natural disasters of recent history. I can still feel tremors everyday, now the water and food are contaminated. I guess Canada’s participation in the war on Libya is more important then what made Canada famous, humanitarian efforts.