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REPORTING · 24th March 2011
Walter McFarlane
VIP’s gathered at Kitimat Valley Institute on Wednesday, March 24th for the signing of two contracts between Rio Tinto Alcan and two companies who will be preparing the smelter site for the planned modernization.

Michel Lamar, Project Director for KMP (Kitimat Modernization Program) welcomed everyone. He stated they had been granted $300,000,000 in December and a lot of work had gone into finding the contractors.

“Today, we are very pleased to sign two very significant contracts. The first one is the KMP construction village which has been awarded to ATCO Structures and Logistics Canada. And the second one a cleaning and demolition contract awarded to Quantum Murray / Northwest Demolition Partnership,” said Lamar.

Andy Lederman, Bechtel Project Manager stepped up to the podium. He said they have been a part of the project and the community for three years and are 50 strong representing 6 different countries.

“It is a very significant day,” said Lederman. “I just want to say thank you to everybody; to RTA, to the community and to all the contractors who have been supporting the party to this day.”

The first contract, for camp construction, will feature; recreational facilities, kitchen, dining room, laundry services and sleeping quarters. It was claimed it would be so good as to attract people, who have left BC, back to the province. Phase 1 will be 440 beds but the finished camp will have 1500 beds after three phases.

Judy Nordstrom, Senior Project Manager from ATCO was invited to say a few words. She stated ATCO provides leading camp accommodations in the industry and Rio Tinto would be happy with the accommodations they were going to put in. Without further ado, the contract was signed.

The second contract was for the demolition of lines 7 and 8. “As many of you know, the project will see part of the new smelter footprint overlapping areas of the existing smelter. So last year, Rio Tinto Alcan decommissioned lines 7 and 8 to make room for the Kitimat modernization project,” said Lamar.

He said this work was about to begin and the contract had been awarded to Quantum Murray / Northwest Demolition. Steve Custeau, vice president of Quantum Murray and Richard Wayper. Vice President of Northwest Demolition, got up to say a few words. They said they were up a few years ago to look at the project and were impressed by the beauty of the area. They have previously worked for Bechtel and with that the second contract was signed.

Lamar stated while this is not full board approval of the project, he hinted this will be coming later this year.

“I think it is a simple session but very significant, actually, for all of us,” said Lamar.
From Japan
Comment by M Craven on 24th March 2011
A number of Rio Tinto’s suppliers had been effected by the Japanese disasters.

Rio Tinto is reliant on Japanese suppliers for a range of equipment including heavy vehicles, truck tires and power systems.

I know Hitachi has been impacted, how will this effect the modernization?