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Picture courtasy of Maryann Baumbach
CONTRIBUTION · 23rd March 2011
Maryann Baumbach
The Shelter is bursting at the seams which is not a new thing but when animals are being received because people who have pets in their pocession feel its their god given right to abandon them as they see fit. Whether its in front of the old and now the new shelter or just dumped anywhere and left to their own devices.

The first pictures shown are of a rubber maid tote with a lock lid left in front of the old shelter during our coldest weather temperatures with a female cat and a litter of kittens locked inside with no blankets only each other to try and keep warm.

There was ice and snow on the tote god only knows when that was dropped off. We questioned local businesses only to find out that it was already there when they arrived at their jobs.

This is a typical situation where people take on pets and canít afford them, nor do they have the intelligence to care for them, so they neglect to spay them but are quick to dump the lot when there is an unwanted batch of babies.

To the person who was so kind enough to drop them off that day you should be ASHAMED of yourself. These animals did not deserve to be abandoned. Let me strongly advise you that if and when we find out who you are you will be held accountable for your actions. DO NOT GET ANY MORE ANIMALS.

Having no money is not an excuse. Pets are like having children they are yours for life, through bad and good and if you cannot commit to them for their lifetime or unable to meet all of their financial needs, then you are in no position to own one. Owning a pet is a PRIVELEGE NOT A NECESSITY.

The second picture is of a short haired orange tabby that was left at the New Shelter, (which we do not occupy yet) in the outdoor cat communal. To the person that dropped this cat off WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? There are times we cannot even get to the new facility on Eurocan Way due to weather conditions or because the old shelter is extremely busy. If the extreme weather conditions were to have continued this furry feline would have been at risk.

We have an emergency number that we can be reached at night or day but when people should be phoning they donít bother, they just do things the cowardly way.

If you need to place your pet then you should be contacting us we work hard to try and place pets before they have to come to the shelter. But a little advice if you cannot find a home for your pet and we are unable to take it in or find a temporary foster situation then you need to do the kindest thing and make an appointment with a vet and have your pet put down. You may think this is a cruel thing for any one working with animals but it is a reality and the situation that people put myself and staff members in when we cannot find that perfect loving home. We deal with them when they get ill due to stress and just are not coping so we have to make that decision and then are left with the task of cuddling your pet telling them how sorry we are we tried and now they are going to a better place. We are not heartless or cold hearted it takes a lot of heart to be able to deal with these countless situations that haunt us all of the time , but for what ever reason we are the ones bereted for thses situations and we are the ones that love them and then cry when we have to say good bye.

If any of you have a heart think first before getting a pet and for those people who are breeding their pets whether on purpose or not PLEASE STOP. You may think that one of your pets babies never came to the shelter that you were able to find homes for them all, you need to face a reality you may not have brought them but that perfect home did one way or another. BUT REMEMBER YOU ARE ALSO RESPONSIBLE BECAUSE YOU ARE ALLOWING MORE LIVES TO BE BORN THAT WILL FILL OVER CROWDED SHELTERS WITH LITTLE TO NO CHANCE OF ADOPTION.

If anyone recognises any of these animals we encourage you to phone us with that information so that we can follow up with the thoughtless unfeeling people that chose to abandon them instead.

Maryann Baumbach
Shelter Manager
Picture courtasy of Maryann Baumbach
Picture courtasy of Maryann Baumbach
Picture courtasy of Maryann Baumbach
Picture courtasy of Maryann Baumbach
Picture courtasy of Maryann Baumbach
Picture courtasy of Maryann Baumbach
animal dumpings
Comment by vanne hanisch-godoy on 28th April 2011
I agree Owning an animal is a priviledge, and people should be heavilly screened before ever being allowed to have pets in the first place!! They have feelings too, and they suffer separation loss as we do too! Think of your animals needs, and not your own convenience!!!
Be Responsible
Comment by SBarbosa on 26th March 2011
I don't think anyone is saying to release your animals into the forest rather than bringing them to the shelter. Abandoning your pets in sub degree weather, scorching conditions or in containers is not responsible. If there wasn't anything wrong with it, then why do it in such a manner so you don't get caught. Many people take on pet ownership when they don't have the finances, patience or time to care for them in a loving way. Having pets costs money. If people can't afford to spay or neuter, or pay for their proper care then you should not own a pet. It's that simple. Sometimes there are reasons beyond a persons control of why they can no longer care for their animal, but many times it comes down to all the reasons Maryanne states.
animal dumpings
Comment by vanne hanisch-godoy on 24th March 2011
People in this country should be screened before ever being allowed to own a pet!! This is Canada, and nothing will ever be done I feel for the abused animals.
I agree!
Comment by Bart Sanchez on 23rd March 2011
I agree with Maryanne. If you have a pet that you cant handle or cant afford then you shouldnt be dumping them at a shelter (which is paid to take these animals) release the pet into a nearby forest. Let nature take its course.