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Mayor Monaghan, School Board Chair Barry Pankhurst and Superintendent Nancy Wells
REPORTING · 11th March 2011
Walter McFarlane
Superintendent, Nancy Wells and Chair of the School board, Barry Pankhurst were at City Council on Monday, February 21st to present. Pankhurst introduced Wells explaining to Council about Wells growing up in Terrace. He added her contract has been extended to July 2012 so the next board can make a decision concerning the new Superintendent.

Wells stepped up and stated she needed to have a better visibility in the community as superintendent. She thanked the community for the warm welcome she received. She complimented the students at Mount Elizabeth for their presentation of the Wizard of Oz and proceeded to update Council on the School District.

“As a school district, we are refocusing,” said Wells. “The trustees I’m working with at the district level and the school principals in the schools are really trying to focus our work on the little people and not as much on the big people. We’re talking about students in classrooms and how successfully they’re learning and how we are meeting their needs and what we can do better as well as possible on their behalf to allow them to go where they want in their education.”

She stated she was the advisor to the board and takes her roll seriously to ensure they are making good decisions based on sound educational research and are moving the schools forward. She added on her way to Kitimat, they could make a list of the challenges but there are a lot of commonalities so they have to get smarter, creative and solve problems close to home.

She said there was a lot changing in the community with the addition of the middle school and the K-6 in the elementary schools. She said there is a transition group working in the community for the elementary changes from Roy Wilcox to Nechako and they will be going public soon with their work in middle schools.

She explained the Middle School is a good idea because it allows kids to remain in pods and allows them to move and learn together rather than pushing it upon them with a pile of books and a combination lock which they do not know how to use.

Wells invited a Councillor to join them on the Transition Committee for their knowledge base. She listed several examples.

“As far as the School District and the Future, which is tied so closely to the future of Kitimat, in my experience in many school districts in this province, I don’t think there is anything more important for a community than to have good schools and my roll as long as I’m here is to help create and promote that and I think Kitimat has a history of good schooling,” said Wells.

Under communications Councillor Feldhoff made a motion to appoint Walter McLellan to the committee as he was more experienced in the areas which the committee was looking at. Councillor Halyk suggested a less expensive councillor such as one which used to be a teacher, indicating retired Teacher, Councillor Rob Goffinet.

McLellan pointed out Council cannot assign staff, the Municipal Manager would be the person to direct staff. A motion was made to make a motion to appoint a staff member and suggest McLellan. It was carried.
The Invisible Woman
Comment by Siobhan McCarron on 31st October 2012
For 6 months I tried to get a response from Nancy Wells, as she is the Superintendent of the School District in which I worked and was fired from. Today, she blocked me from emailing her. It is a shame that she chooses to ignore people instead of communicating. I am also a parent in this town, and have spoken to other parents who said they also never received a single response from her or anyone from the Board. In contrast, when I have contacted other Superintendents within the province, they responded in less than 24 hrs (with, I might add, courtesy, professionalism, and directives). I would love to hear from the woman who fired me. I never did receive reasons and evidence for my removal. I hope to meet her one day if she comes to Kitimat again. Mayor Monaghan and Barry Pankhurst RIP have always made the extra effort to be available to speak with anyone who wished to speak with them.