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COMMENTARY · 26th February 2011
Merv Ritchie
All regions of Canada consider BC to be the laughing stock of Politics. Our leaders have been gardeners and used car sales men, they have been ousted in disgrace from office and one even bought a submarine to start our own navy. Now we have a Premier who isn’t even elected to the BC Provincial Legislature. Well, welcome to BC; the land Before Common sense.

But Christy Clark may be just what BC needs right now. For some perspective, let’s look at the others who were running. Kevin Falcon seemed to be the foremost successor to the great Gordo and he even acquired all the support of Gord’s big business buddies. He was slick and groomed. Had the connections and wasn’t interested in exposing the BC Rail/Legislature Raid/Trial pay off scandal. Let us never forget, two guys were convicted of accepting a bribe and the BC Liberals ended the trial with a multi million dollar payout, and never, never forget, the guy’s offering the bribe, an equally severe criminal offence, were never identified or charged.

Falcon was also the front man for most of the BC Rail corruption. So lets just thank our lucky stars this guy stays on a bench away from the supreme dictators chair.

George Abbott, the strawberry farmer from the Shuswap. Well from my own personal recollection, though I cannot confirm this, he couldn’t even keep that in a positive cash flow position. Check it out if you can. He is/was a career politician studying political science, running as a Sicamous elected official and then becoming Chair of the Columbia Shuswap Regional District for ten plus years. He knows how to appease the administration and chair a meeting. This is his forte’. When he was first elected, Gordo gave him the Health Ministry. I was surprised he even got a cabinet post, though on reflection; knowing how to follow direction was one of Gord’s primary requirements.

If anyone still remembers the 10 million dollar exercise called the conversation on health, this was George’s baby. I attended it in Smithers. Forestry employees were the facilitators. (Read about it here.) It was an exercise in purging those who were emotionally concerned about our health care system. Almost every person that applied to attend, yours truly included, were invited. We all got the opportunity to vent our frustrations and outrage. We then went home. The government, primarily George and Gordo, then got to sit back and laugh. Nothing was done except the most outspoken and concerned citizens had the opportunity to vent expecting to be heard. I have a whole set of expletives for Gordo and George but if I print them the Main Stream Media and those who are too sensitive to hear the truth will get outraged too.

Mike is/was simply a player with no real name and personality recognition. He might be worthy of something but most directly he was the guy who was in charge of destroying everything related to manufacturing and lumber milling, pulping, paper manufacturing and smelting in BC. (Read about the challenge to his leadership bid here). The guy is either stupid or dumb; likely just ignorant as the decisions he supported or put forward were no doubt originated by his leader Gordie’s office, destroying rural BC.

These three guys always voted with their leader and refused to give up their MLA ‘Cabinet Minister’ salary, in the honourable effort to display a backbone and stand up for the people of BC; the hard working, truck driving, wrench pulling, overtime working, desk jockey and social working person in the province of BC. These three guy’s abandoned the trust and faith expected of them by every hard working stiff in BC. They played the game for their own pocket book and prestige.

So what about Christy? Is she truly as daft as her blonde hair and talk show emptiness suggests? She currently doesn’t even hold a seat in the legislature.

I honestly cannot say I know a damn thing about this woman. People claim she is connected to the BC Rail Scandal due to her family connections to others who were implicated. I know from very personal experience, simply having a brother who did something, has nothing to do with me. Relatives, even spouses can screw you over as quickly and even more effectively that someone you don’t know.

Christy quit Gordo too. This has to say something. She was deputy Premier. She held the second highest leadership position in BC and she quit.

I do not know this woman. But I will reserve judgement. This because of the others who ran for the job, only she gave up the big MLA salary, the even bigger Cabinet Minister salary, while these other guys just kept taking the money and following the orders issued from the Premiers office even though they knew the directives were bad.

I will trust someone who stands up and quits, someone who backs away, before I will trust a spineless money grubber.

And that’s the rest of the story on this new day for British Columbia.

Will I vote Liberal now? Only if a full public inquiry is held into the BC Rail Fiasco and if many of Gordo's sell offs of BC assests to American Corporations are withdrawn. So yeah, if that happens, maybe.