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CONTRIBUTION · 22nd February 2011
Ron Wakita
The stakes just got higher! In Minister Shea's announcement Tuesday, DFO has initiated a pilot program which will require Recreational anglers to buy Allocation from one of the 436 Halibut Allocation Holders in order to fish for Halibut after we consume the 12% Allocation in 2011. Halibut is a Canadian Common resource owned by the people of Canada. DFO's 2011 Halibut policy that will require Canadians to buy Allocation from a Commercial Halibut Allocation Holder in order to fish for Halibut by we predict August 2011. This is wrong. Every Canadian should be outraged!

The Commercial sector has already begun lobbying for the same process (ITQ) for crab and prawns and Fraser River Sockeye. We predict all salmon species will be their next target. Our worst fear is now a reality!

The Conservative Caucus met Feb 11th to discuss this Halibut issue. The Caucus gave DFO Minister Shea approval to proceed with privatizing Halibut, a Canadian Common Resource. The Conservative Government has served the interests of 436 individuals and compromised the rights of all Canadians who wish to fish for Halibut. This Government has also set the precedent for other species to follow. The potential of where this precedent will go is absolutely scary.

One assumption that the Conservative Government would have made in order to proceed with this policy is that the "Silent Majority" of Canadians will remain silent as we have been for 8 years. We must send a clear message to Ottawa, "We are mad as Hell and we are NOT going to take it anymore!"

We must now increase our level of commitment and determination to rise to the challenge that Minister Shea's announcement has just presented.

The Kitimat Halibut Allocation Task Force has developed a winning Strategy ("Power of One" at Individual,Group, City Council and Union levels) and created the "Tools" to spread the word of this disgraceful Halibut policy to everyone in our Contact Lists. We can also spread the word to all Canadians in our address books. Many Kitimat Residents have friends, relatives and contacts through out Canada. Please contact them now before it is too late! Task Members have forwarded this Halibut Information to everyone in their Contact List with excellent results. If everyone does their small part collectively we can make a Big Difference. The time is now. Please contact any of the Kitimat Halibut Task Force Members if you require any information to send to your contacts.

Working in concert with the BC Sport Fishing Coalition, the voice of Kitimat and our neighbors in the North West will and must be heard in amongst the voice of all Canadians loud and clear.

"The Conservative Government will be held accountable for this Halibut Policy on Election Day".

All Canadians who want to stand up for their rights and the rights of our Children and Grand Children to fish for Halibut please use the information provided by the Kitimat Halibut Allocation Task Force and write a Letter to the Prime Minister to stop this insanity in the interests of all Canadians.
Please visit the Kitimat Halibut Allocation Task Force Website for samples letters. or the SFI website . DFO Minister Shea's annoucement opens the door that puts Crab, Prawns and all Salmon at risk for the same type of mismanagement.
I urge all Canadians to send a clear message to the Conservative Government. We will not vote for the Conservative Government unless they do not change this grossly unfair Halibut Policy.


The Kitimat Town Hall Meeting is on Sunday, Feb. 27th, 2:00 PM at the Rod and Gun . There will be a Silent Auction for Fishing Trips and lots of Draws. Thousands of dollars in Prizes to help fund our campaign. A Huge Thank You to everyone who donated.


Ron Wakita, chairman