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REPORTING · 8th February 2011
Walter McFarlane
Mayor Joanne Monaghan had an announcement which she wished to conclude the Council Meeting on Monday, February 7th with. She saved it for the very end of Council, right after the calling for new business items.

“I would like to inform everyone that our long term Municipal Manager, Mr. Trafford Hall will be leaving his position as Manager of the District of Kitimat. Mr. Hall will stay at his post through the important budget deliberations scheduled through February and will finish work on March 31st of this year,” said Monaghan.

She said the decision was considered by both Council and Hall and it was a mutual decision in the best interests of the District of Kitimat and Hall. She thanked him for serving the District of Kitimat for 17 years and wished him the best.

Councillor Gerd Gottschling, who has missed several meetings, had not been informed about when the decision had been finalized. The response was the in camera meeting on Monday February 24th.

While Gottschling was interested as to the reason why Hall was leaving, Councillor Mario Feldhoff said the information was in the minutes of the meeting where it was debated and there was discussion leading up to this.

“Somewhere along the line, the public needs to know what is going on,” said Gottschling.

“The Mayor’s communicated very clearly,” said Feldhoff.

There was no further discussion as the Mayor banged her gavel adjourning the meeting.
respect for trafford
Comment by mary murphy on 13th February 2011
I had the privilege of working with Trafford Hall for about a year...huge commitment to me, worked throughout Christmas when everyone else was enjoying...his time, worked throughout weekends, his time. thanks trafford you did us good, no stone unturned. Whatever the reason, for the viability group, you did us proud. Good Luck to you and your family....
how much it cost us
Comment by richard j morhart on 9th February 2011
well ,this is bad news. what`s it costing the tax payers of Kitimat,for the sweet severance package, Mr Hall will receive. will there be any disclosures . seems it`s a quit ,not a termination. thank`s for the joke,i guess mr.hall`s severane was apart of the 2011 budget.
Good Luck Friend
Comment by Jessy Damaso on 9th February 2011
I had the good pleasure of working with Trafford at City Hall for four years. Trafford Hall is a class individual in my books. I have nothing but the utmost respect for him. To all those who may have negative comments just remember he fought for you and this community for years. You may not agree with everything he did over his tenure as Municipal Manager but he always worked hard for Kitimat. I saw it first hand on more than one occasion. I wish you and your family all the best in the future. Good luck Trafford.
Comment by Mike Forward on 9th February 2011
I think a lot of people's curiosity will be piqued by this and normally mine would be as well. We would of course like our council to be forthcoming about decisions they make and why they are made, but this is a slightly different ballgame. This is an employee who is departing his occupation(for whatever reason whether it be of his own choice or not), and his privacy needs to be respected. Unless he chooses to speak publicly about this, I would hope that is the end of public discussion on the matter and that the differing opinions on council can be sorted out in a private and respectful fashion.

Anyway--thanks to Mr. Hall for a long career spent serving Kitimat, best of luck to him in his future endeavours.
So whats going on now.
Comment by Danny Nunes on 8th February 2011
I am sure this is another one of those topics that will once again clearly show the divisions in this community.

Heck I have already seen posts on Facebook where we have local people cheering the departure of Mr Hall as if his departure will solve all of Kitimats problems over night and blaming him for the state the town is in.

Its no secret that in this sites early days I was critical of Mr Hall and certain members of council but I can also see that this is someone who spent nearly 20 years in service to this community and that means he was around for the good times and the bad and like it or not that does deserve some respect and gratitude & not cowardly snickers and comments from people who think there words are not being seen.

I am also once again deeply concerned about what is transpiring in our councils chambers
and the fact that this was just announced matter of factly at the end of a meeting and then that same meeting was ended quickly when questions were raised about this decision.

I guess some people locally will not be happy until they have effectively silenced anyone who doesnt suit there chosen ideology.

Regardless of our differing views at times I am man enough to admit I was wrong at times and can say thank you to Mr Hall for 17 years in service to this community.
Here come the "management consultants''' it's feeding time
Comment by lARRY on 8th February 2011
I hope I am wrong but Kitimat is again going to waste a lot of time and $$$ on replacing Mr. Hall. And if I was a betting man, George Cuff and Assoc. are already first in line in this head hunting/feeding frenzy. What a waste'''

Hope I am wrong.