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COMMENTARY · 2nd February 2011
Danny Nunes
F*ck Faces: NDP: Negative Disgraceful People

Nice headline huh? sadly I canít take credit for it as it was written by someone else.
Who wrote it? I have no idea but the hypocrisy of calling a political party f*ck faces in the first line and then following it up by calling them negative and disgraceful would almost be funny but its really just a sad illustration of how some local people think politically.

A friend gave me a copy of the Kitimat Daily he had found and on the front page photo featuring NDP MLA Robin Austin & Skeena NDP MP Nathan Cullen, the profanity and attack comments were written. I have posted a photo of the issue and the words written on it with this commentary.

Now before I start I will state that I am not a member of either the NDP or Liberal party. Political parties should be judged on their ideas and methods and the results that come from those. That is how I go about deciding who will do the best job. I also make sure to gather information from as many media sources as possible; both mainstream and independent. The differences between both are so great it could take up an entire article, but I will spare everyone that and get to what you really want...drama.

Yes itís time to stir the pot, get people worked up again and have them shake their fists at me and post links on facebook and say how dare I exercise my right to an opinion.

Yes thatís right folks, if your opinion differs from certain others, locally, you can expect to be attacked, vilified, and be shunned and outright dismissed. Is that how everyone thinks and acts? Of course not, but is this type of anti freedom and anti democracy ideology growing locally? I think so and I keep witnessing it first hand.

That issue of the Kitimat Daily that had profanity written on it to mock the NDP MLA & MP is interesting because the person who wrote those words obviously didnít bother to even take the time to read the issue or article he was attacking.

If the person had in fact read it he may have gotten a different perspective than the one he wrote on that article.

The article was about an economic forum held by Mr Cullen and Mr Austin at Riverlodge in Kitimat and can you guess when that forum was held? Come on take a guess.

It was held on Friday, January 14, when the massive snowfall hit Kitimat.

It was well attended in spite of the severe weather and I have to admit I gained a tremendous amount of respect for both of these men for traveling to Kitimat in those conditions and then taking the time to sit down with those in the community who cared about voicing their ideas for economic development in the area. Mr Cullen received a list of ideas and recommendations to take back to Ottawa so the voice of his constituents could be heard.

When you read that it doesnít seem like Mr Cullen and Mr Austin are negative, disgraceful people. If anything you could say they were positive, caring people.

But that leads to the real problem; getting the message across. Itís not through any fault of the Kitimat Daily or its reporting cause in my opinion itís top notch. The problem lies in how we get our information and how that information is transmitted and how truly unfair and at times highly unethical the media game truly has become.

As good of a source of news the Kitimat daily is, in my opinion, it simply cannot compete with major mainstream companies like Black Press, Canwest, Global TV, and the list goes on and on.

When you have a small independent news site competing with such large entities for face time with those seeking information itís such an uphill battle that the odds seem way too stacked in favour of the mainstream media. This can lead to manipulation of the very information you are given in order to vote and make decisions with knowledge and in my opinion itís a crime.

You can only hope enough people locally decide to get their information from more than a single source, but when you see profanity such as was written on the Daily you start to wonder where the lies end and the truth actually begins.

In the past few weeks I have had the opportunity to meet several candidates who are running for the leadership of the BC Liberal Party and I had to travel to Terrace to meet the majority of them.

But then you might ask, hey donít you live in Kitimat? Why did you have to go to Terrace? Couldnít you have met them when they came to Kitimat?

The answer is no, because out of the six candidates running to become the next leader of the BC liberals and next premier of British Columbia, only 1 out of the 6 came to Kitimat.

Why only one? Was it due to weather? No, was it due to lack of time? Again, no.

But they all found the time to visit Terrace so off I went to meet them and see what they had to say and what they had to offer Kitimat if they were elected as leader.

So I sat and listened to their speeches, no mention of Kitimat but plenty of attacks on the NDP.

Then I look around the room and saw maybe a few fellow citizens from Kitimat. Maybe they will notice the lack of Kitimat being mentioned and say something I thought, and some do!

But wait? They just stood up to once again attack the NDP and claim the NDP is invisible in the area and have allowed it to suffer. I then ask myself some logical questions based on my experiences over the last decade and the past few weeks of attending these events.

I first asked myself if the NDP are so invisible and are not listening then why were they here on that snowy Friday night in Kitimat doing the very thing others claim they never did; such as coming up with ideas for economic development in Kitimat. These didnít sound like the actions of a party and MLA and MP who were against any economic development. These sounded like the actions of men who were working hard to gather input directly from those who elected them to take to those in power who held the majority of seats in there respective parliaments.

The thing I have found negative and disgraceful are those locally in this region who say we must only vote for a member of the party in power or we wonít be heard and will be ignored.

Itís a message that was repeated over and over at the meetings I attended with the liberal leadership candidates. Christy Clark was so bold as to guarantee a liberal MLA would be elected in the next provincial election. I was disgusted.

I was disgusted at this slap in the face to democracy as it amounts to blackmailing the citizens of this province to only vote for one party. That means effectively shutting out differing ideas. Gee, where have I seen that before?

Is this what Kitimat has been reduced to; accepting blackmail and abuse in order for the possibility of a few table scraps after being starved to death for over a decade?

If you believe this is the way to go, I pity you. Itís a horrible legacy to leave and worse it likely wonít result in any change at all.

The BC liberals have been in power for the last decade, not the NDP.

The utter devastation of the community; the loss of jobs and industry all came about in that decade due to policies enacted in by the party in power.

So I ask the locals who continue to support the Liberal party, why after a decade should we reward this and re elect them once again? Help me understand this because I canít find any logical reason other than possibly the supporters either financially profit from all of this or they are so ignorant and misled by the mainstream media that they have no clue as to the true facts.

Funny thing is the locals who support the liberal party havenít accounted for one thing.

What if you give into the blackmail and the abuse and elect a liberal MLA during the next election only to have the NDP win a majority of seats and then become the party in power in Victoria.

Do you think the NDP will then ignore this region because it didnít elect an NDP MLA?

All one has to do is compare Kitimat in the 90's to the Kitimat in the 2000's. If there is anyone willing to bat stats back and forth then I look forward to a chance to discredit the claims of; fudget budgets, casino gates, ferries that go a bit too fast and contrast these with; a premier convicted of drunk driving, the sale of BC Rail, the court case that resulted in a raid of the legislature, selling off of BC Hydro and the introduction of the HST after claiming it wasnít even being considered.

A prominent Terrace individual stated, when I asked about Kitimat at Christy Clarkís event in Terrace, ďKitimat got what it deserved for taking Alcan to courtĒ.

Is this why Kitimat is in the state itís in? Are we being punished for standing up for jobs and the use of our public resource in order to keep jobs here? Do we have a party in power that is so vindictive that it would punish a town in such a way for doing something the Liberals should have been doing themselves? Making sure our resources was being used for the benefit of the people and not just used for the profit of private enterprise. Quebec got it right, so why cant BC?

When election time comes I will remember that snowy Friday night and the two men who traveled in those horrible road conditions to come listen to the people in this community and get their feedback.

And I will also remember the 6 liberal candidates who wanted the job of premier and yet would not even show there face in a community devastated by the very policies they created.

I will remember the last decade. From 2001 to 2005 we had a Liberal MLA with a Liberal government and saw things get worse and worse. I will remember 2005 to now with an NDP MLA who was stonewalled and even plotted against in his own riding, not due to his efforts, but due to partisan politics.

Negative, disgraceful people indeed.
Too true
Comment by Karen Dedosenco on 13th February 2011
"... I canít find any logical reason other than possibly the supporters either financially profit from all of this or they are so ignorant and misled by the mainstream media that they have no clue as to the true facts."

A poll was done, not too long ago in the U.S., asking people across the country what they expected from their politicians. The results were extremelly telling when Democrat and Republican alike described a socialist and democratic system that benefited all Americans. Canadians are no different as most people have little or no clue what the result of voting one way or the other will be. They blindly trust in the MSM to do their thinking for them.

In Canada less than 15% of the voting public actually follow politics. I would bet that a much larger percentage would trust and vote for someone like Harper because he claims to be a Christian rather than making a small effort to learn what he represents.

It is a very sad state when people are willing to be manipulated and led along a certain path that may not be in their best interest. A good dose of scepticism can be a very healthy thing when it comes to politics as portrayed by the MSM.
keep up the scrutiny
Comment by Domingos DaCosta Rocha on 4th February 2011
well said Danny ,we need to see the truth around here and not just the political facade thats been happening.
Nice article
Comment by Aaron von Schleinitz on 3rd February 2011
Really enjoyed this article. I wouldn't really worry too much about the paper being marked up. It has as much credibility as what is written in a bathroom stall.

Thought you got it right about the last decade in Kitimat along with being blackmailed to vote for the party in power. Definitely feels that way sometimes.

The quote ďKitimat got what it deserved for taking Alcan to courtĒ really upsets me. Terrace people need to realize that we now both need the Alcan smelter to survive.