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REPORTING · 26th January 2011
Walter McFarlane
With Budget on the horizon, it was time for items which required pre-budget approval to be approved at the Council meeting on Monday, January 17th. The memo requested additional work which needs to be done to permit an occupancy program.

The first of these two items was the Looking for Love Animal Shelter. While the shelter itself is complete, there is still some work which needs to be done before it can receive the occupancy permit. First, the potable water has to be approved by the Department of Health.

On top of this, there is a lean to structure along the back wall which has been built to cover the animal runs of which there are no approved engineered drawings. They need to determine the snow load for the runs and bring them up to code if necessary. The runs cannot be used until this is resolved although it does not slow down the permits.

In addition to this, there is further work which needs to be done installing and upgrading the entrance handrails and preparing the maintenance manuals for the building.

This increases the amount of money needed to $20,000. However, administration recommended approving the inspection of the lean to structure and the potable water which works out to $10,000.

Municipal Manager Trafford Hall expressed these were necessary for the building inspector to issue and occupancy permit. He compared the shelter to starting a new car for the first time and finding something wrong with it. “The reason I’m asking for prebudget approval right now is because we need an occupancy permit and we need these things done now,” said Hall.

Councillor Gerd Gottschling reminded Hall that: “A new car has a warranty.” Hall stated they were also the warrantors. The volunteers have finished and turned over the shelter. Gottschling asked if it was possible to ask the volunteers to come back. Mayor Joanne Monaghan said the current Humane Society wanted to move into the new building right away and the new work might take a couple of months if the District did not do the work.

Councillor Randy Halyk asked if they should wait for budget. He wondered if an interim occupancy permit could be issued as this happened all the time. He reminded Council this was their first year without Eurocan and he was concerned about all the pre-budget scenarios.

Hall reminded him there were some things which had to be done right away and those were items which received pre-budget approval. Monaghan inquired about the operating manuals being turned over. Halyk wanted to know if the building inspector inspected it while it was being built.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff pointed out it was unconscionable not to do this at this time and the quicker it was done, the quicker the animals could move into the shelter and the quicker they could sell the old building.

The question was called and carried.

The second item which received pre-budget approval was project approval for upgrades to community using money from the gas tax fund, including the Smith Street lift station, Gyrfalcon lift station, Yukon lift station, Wakashan storm sewer, Tamitik Recreation Centre roof replacement and Service Centre sewer lining if a grant which has been requested is unsuccessful.

Feldhoff questioned having the storm sewer on the list. It was pointed out by administration this had been on the list for many years and they extended the culvert for the veterinarian building. The water can be up to three feet deep.

An amendment was made to remove the storm sewer from the list. The amendment failed, but the motions relating to the upgrades were carried.