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REPORTING · 19th January 2011
Walter McFarlane
The weather outside was frightful over the weekend as clouds dumped 64 centimetres of snow onto Kitimat.

“[The snow removal] went pretty well I think. It was long. They were working full time from Friday afternoon until [Monday] morning,” said Tim Gleig, District Engineer. “The new policy has no effect at all on the continues snow clearing like this. I think we spent about $150,000 snow clearing those 2 and a half metres.”

One of the reasons listed for the slow down in snow removal is the amount of snow which the community received. Contributing to this was the wind blowing drifts into the streets and areas where people clearing their driveways were adding to the snow in the streets.

The snow clearing was not without it problems however, the transmission went in one of the blowers. Gleig also said there were quite a few people getting stuck in the snow, often in front of the snow clearing machines slowing progress. Other times, there were delays because cars were parked on the side of the road.

“The problem with that is, other then having more snow to remove, other then what the wind leaves behind, is low clearance cars with high centres stall there and once that happens, we can’t get the blower or the grater by as there is a car in the way,” said Glieg.

He estimated the time to complete a run over the weekend was between 5 hours and 12 hours. He said it was hard to determine all of the factors but the drifting conditions contributed to delays.
Concerned citizen
Comment by Mike on 20th January 2011
Is he for real, saying the snow removal went well? The entrances to all the side streets were blocked by snow drifts and stuck vehicles for most of Saturday. We are so fortunate there were no fires or ambulance calls that day. The emergency vehicles would have had an extremely difficult, if not impossible time, getting through. It seemed as all the effort was directed towards keeping the main roads and intersections spotless. What good is that if people can't leave their streets? How hard would it have been having a few loaders working constantly to keep the entrances to the side streets clear? Would it really have cost that much more? And to blame problems on stuck cars and people putting snow on the streets well, that just shows the mindset of the administration. We got off lucky this time. The mayor and manager should be apologizing to Kitimat for the pathetic snow clearing on the weekend. And, just to be clear, the crews that were out there did as best they could considering how limited they now are in manpower. I'd like to see the travel budget eliminated for council and municipal management and putting that money where it's really needed.