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#5 Margaret Warcup
REPORTING · 30th December 2010
Walter McFarlane
To get on this list, you have to do something big. Take the bull by the horns so to speak;
do something big for the community and not just because it is in their job description.
All five of these people have done just that.


Margaret Warcup certainly took the bull by the horns this year. Back in May, the word on the street was that a fundamental part of the Kitimat year would not be taking place; the Annual Aluminum City Telethon. Warcup not only began to organize the Telethon but she also started the movement to change the Telethon Society to Kitimat’s Community Foundation.


Mary Murphy is the President of the local Communications, Energy and Paper Workers Union in Kitimat and she fought to keep Eurocan viable. With the assistance of Poyry and many other individuals in Kitimat, the plant looked like it could be saved. Whatever
happened took place behind closed doors.


Jack Oviatt’s name comes up a lot. He and his wife Debbie have done a lot for Kitimat. From work on the Animal Shelter, organizing the Bull-O-Rama, the Mud bogs and taking the time to rescue a bear from a tree. His place in this list is well deserved.


Nothing says ‘Taking the Bull by the horns’ like this retired teacher and certainly Kitimat’s most successful economic development organization, the Retire in Kitimat Task Force. The organization has done such a good job that I cannot wait to see what they do next year.


Agree or disagree, Mayor Joanne Monaghan is certainly out there as a spokesperson for our community. While this might not always be a good thing, she has certainly been working hard to save this town over the last year. She often mentions having more then 6 meetings on the same day and even disappears during events for these meetings. Her recent announcements at City Council have certainly left a lot of us hopeful.
#4 Mary Murphy
#4 Mary Murphy
#3 Jack Oviatt... Well, we don't have a picture but the bear is named Jack in his honour
#3 Jack Oviatt... Well, we don't have a picture but the bear is named Jack in his honour
#2 Lady of the Year, Margaret Sanou
#2 Lady of the Year, Margaret Sanou
#1 Mayor Joanne Monaghan
#1 Mayor Joanne Monaghan
Kitimat's Top 5 Movers and Shakers for 2010
Comment by Corinne Scott on 30th December 2010
Congratulations Walter! You couldn't have picked five more deserving people for the top 5 Movers & Shakers in Kitimat in 2010.

Each individual has made tremendous contributions to our community, and we're fortunate to have them.

Congratulations to all and a very happy progressive 2011.