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REPORTING · 22nd December 2010
Walter McFarlane
Kitimat has had its first couple of snowfalls of the year and snow clearing services are operational. However, there has been a change from last year due to the loss of the Eurocan Pulp and Paper Mill in Kitimat. Cuts were made to the budget and now the 3 inches of snow minimum has become 5.

“The only change to the previous [year] is there is three inches of snow, and it is snowing we would go into full snow removal operations no matter what time of day it is and now it’s five inches and still snowing,” said Tim Gleig, District Engineer.

This was a decision made by Council during the 2010 budget to try and save some money. However, this is only on the residential roads and parking lots. The plowing and sanding is done on the arterial roads 24 / 7.

What does this mean? It means that arterial roads will be cared for as they are needed. However, the snow clearing on streets and sidewalks (etc.) will not go around the clock until the weather has accumulated 5 inches of snow on the ground rather then three. The amount of snow is measured at the fire hall.
Snow Clearing
Comment by Leon Dumstrey-SooS on 14th January 2011
Have you all forgotten Councils/Administrations
Justification in raising our TAXES almost 20% :
"TO CONTINUE HIGH LEVEL SERVICE....."! And now Councils is proudly announcig CUTS?SAVINGS? I do not understand can anyone explain

Thank you
snow clearing changes
Comment by liz on 29th December 2010
This is my first winter away from Kitimat in 50 yrs. and changing the the snow removal amt to 5" is not unreasonable. I now live in p.g. and the snow clearing here is not at the Kitimat standards that I am used to. At least the streets are being cleared, where as here it could take anywhere up to 2 days before u see a plow not a snowblower. So if u choose to complain come to p.g. and experience our snow clearing and u won't complain again.