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REPORTING · 15th December 2010
Walter McFarlane
Mayor Joanne Monaghan had a special presentation from the Grade Four and Five Class from Kildala Elementary School on Monday, December 6th for the statutory meeting of Council.

“This is the letter they sent me: ‘The children are under the impression that the mayor has the power and the ability to do just about anything.’ I think it’s enduring. ‘The children really enjoyed writing these letters to you.’ I wish they could vote. It continues on to say: ‘Could you please read these letters and respond to them with a letter addressed to them as a class. They are so eager to get a response from you. At first there were a few who didn’t even believe that I would really send their letters. For them and many adults, Mayor and Council is an untouchable entity like royalty,” read Monaghan.

She explained the Council were regular people and invited the class to the meeting. The letters were posted on the wall. The children expressed a need for businesses in the community which cater to their interests. Pets, movies, and even a theatre to which Monaghan said she would talk to Councillor Corless.

Monaghan called the children from the audience up and gave them a snowflake pin. She asked the children if any of them wished to go into politics. There was no answer.