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NEWS RELEASE · 8th December 2010
Randy Halyk
Councillor Randy Halyk has resigned from the Enbridge Community Advisory Board. In a letter to the Daily found below, he outlines his reasons.

It has become abundantly clear to me that after being involved with the Enbridge CAB from its inception that I must now resign as Council Representative as it has become clear to me that the CAB is nothing but a front for Enbridge to advance their cause.

There has been a concerted effort by Enbridge to be seen as accommodating communities along the Pipeline route.

One way is by offering the CAB as a way for Communities to have input in to the project.

It is clear that the CAB has no teeth to accomplish anything. Upon questioning, Enbridge has said suggestions will be considered from the CAB, but will not promise anything.

But more importantly.

The Enbridge CAB is for the most part made up of handpicked individuals that support Enbridge blindly.

I entered the process because I believe that Kitimat should have a voice at what I thought would be a great process for mutual communication with a potential corporate citizen, and also to learn about the benefits as well as the drawbacks of the proposed project.

Instead the CAB has degenerated into an Enbridge vehicle to stifle community participation.

I have watched the group change over time at first there where Citizens, NPO’s generally opposed, Businesses and local organizations in favor of the Project, some First nations, Federal and Provincial Government bureaucrats, and Enbridge Staff.

The first meeting the NPO’s determined that Enbridge and the CAB would not talk about the real issues and decided to leave. The Haisla announced they would not attend.

A small group of concerned citizens, that hoped to be able to give input and receive input left soon after in frustration.

I remained and in fact received Councils blessing so I could gather more information and report back to Council.

Throughout this time the group was changing, the vacant chairs where being filled, new faces appeared around the table but not one citizen of Kitimat only companies set to make a profit. The CAB is now ostensibly made up of Project supporters from the Lower Mainland, from Terrace with a few from Kitimat including our EDO, with the remaining being Enbridge Staff.

Furthermore, I don’t know how you can call what remains, “a Community Advisory Board” when most members are from out of town and the region.

As a member of Council I am bound to support our resolution to stay neutral on the project but in order to maintain my Integrity and Councils, can no longer participate in the sham that is the Enbridge Community Advisory Board, and furthermore believe the only way for Kitimat to remain true to our resolution of neutrality and maintain Councils integrity is to sever all ties with the Enbridge CAB and find another way for Council to engage Enbridge that is fair and balanced.
Comment by m murphy on 14th December 2010
By mary murphy
Yesterday · Is it the Community Advisory Board or the enbridge community advisory board? Quitting by not being involved leaves no ears and no voice. Staying neutral and still gaining all information is vital. As members of Council participation in projects that we don't agree with and maintaining Neutrality, Integrity and Participation and to remain true, is vital to our community. The empty seats should have been filled with our community people, messages should have gone out to our community to get involved. Baring our heads in the sand will not accomplish anything. Whoever EDO is good for them.