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COMMENTARY · 6th December 2010
Merv Ritchie
Being sick and tired in BC seems to have infected not only the common everyday Joe and Jane on the street but also those holding elected positions of office. It is a small measure, yes, only a few of the 'spineless many' have abdicated their Imperial Throne positions, but the result is an astounding overthrow of power in BC. We have an opportunity now to sit back and reflect, not jump forward and select a new Saviour.

Gordo should be charged with treason. He was instrumental in destroying almost all treasures of BC’s infrastructure. BC hydro is being systematically bankrupted to be sold off to private interests just as was fabricated on BC Rail. Read and watch more on this BC Hydro topic from Erik Anderson HERE.

Looking back on the previous NDP “scandals” the irony is equally astounding. Bingo-gate was simply a minor redirection of funds many years prior to the sitting NDP BC Government of the day that brought down Harcourt. Gordie on the other hand has funds (donations from Casino/gaming center owners) directly paid into Liberal coffers while the donators get repaid by the gaming centers. The scandal is exponentially worse yet the media remains mum.

Hydro-gate was an unfounded, completely fabricated scandal that was proven as such after years of BCTV and the Pacific Press Newspapers claiming it was a real nasty affair. Gordy’s insiders on the other hand have dealt such a financial mismanagement mess to BC Hydro and the selling off of our rivers to IPP’s (Independent Power Producers) that some private interest is going to have to purchase the entire affair and raise BC citizens rates to ‘make us pay for electing such a gang of thieves and nincompoops.

Ms. James seemed almost complicit with her, “But we have a plan” ad nauseum drivel.

Leaders by their definition must have followers. All, almost without exception, of the BC Liberal Party members are equally complicit in the destruction of the life blood, the future of BC’s ownership of the assets needed for the independent prosperous future. The MLA’s are partners in the crime and the Cabinet Ministers are, in part, beneficiaries as they accepted extra “Cabinet pay” while they kept their collective traps shut.

The NDP Party members are also complicit as they allowed a leader to remain in place that would never address the real hard issues, would never scream “fraud, corruption, malfeasance, treason, treachery” etc, at the top of her lungs while pounding her fist on the table. The NDP MLA’s are also partners in the crime by allowing this to happen without risking their positions, be it a portfolio critic or a backbencher.

Finally, Bill Bennett speaks out and says what everyone involved in politics knows, or aught to have known, whether it be actively involved or in reporting on these affairs. He spoke out at the risk of losing his extra $30,000 or so salary for holding a cabinet post. Finally some NDP MLA’s have the gumption to ask Carol to reconsider. She tossed the babies out with the bathwater and now had to go too.

So here we are today watching Global fawn over the potential replacements for Gordie and spout off how the NDP won’t recover.

There are options; the Green Party, the BC First Party and others. The Conservatives are nothing more than a reconstituted Liberal/Socred team. With them nothing would change. The NDP are so saddled with the years of misrepresentation by the BC Mainstream media they may as well just thrown in the towel and look for a new socially progressive banner to hang their hats on.

It is a great new day for BC, but please do not believe what the mainstream political hacks tell you. They have been hiding the truth from the general public for decades. Today we are facing the result of their destructive misrepresentative information.

If we all play our cards right the era of dictatorial regimes in BC may be coming to an end.