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REPORTING · 30th November 2010
Walter McFarlane
Kitimat City Council held a committee of the whole meeting on Monday, November 22nd. All Councillors were present. Corinne Scott, who was voted to replace Councillor Richard McLaren was invited to join the table. All the Councillors welcomed and congratulated her. She will be sworn in on the 6th of December.

Doug McLeod took joined the meeting to discuss the MK Bay Marina User Group. He explained they have the same goals as the District of Kitimat. McLeod introduced the user groupís executives, who were present. He spoke about the history of MK Bay and the ownership of the marina.

McLeod also listed suggestions for how to improve things at the Marina stating that if it was kept up to standard, it would continue to attract new businesses. However, the User Group has been shut out of the decision making process regarding the marina. He said he would like Council to help give them a voice representing the users of the marina on the Regional District.

They also went into discussion on an independent audit on the marina and it would be done by 2010. Councillor Feldhoff wanted to know what could be done to make more marina capacity available. McLeod replied they have done their research and the only option was to make the current marina more efficient.

Halyk wanted to know if a User Group was a standard feature of marinas. There are plenty of user groups for marinas. McLeod concluded by asking for help from Council to get in touch with the Regional District.

Judith Halland and Louis Avery from the Museum Board sat down next. Halland explained Avery had found grants which could be invested in the museum to give it a face lift. She similarly pointed to the need for a new elevator to the second floor gallery.

Avery said a lot the derelict buildings in the town were heritage buildings and though the museum looks derelict, it is occupied. A new building is not a reality with Kitimatís financial situation and they would like to the museum fixed. Most programs take place on the second floor and people who have difficulties moving about cannot reach the floor.

The Cost of the project is $1.17 million but up to 50% of the cost can be paid for with grants.

Feldhoff said the budget process will not start until February and wanted to know about the programís urgency. He wanted to know if it could be put off to February in opposed to now. Monaghan said this years budgeting would be more difficult this year then it was before. Halyk agreed this needed to be done but the project was over a million dollars.

When the discussion on the museum ended, Council moved on to the Schedule of up coming Council meetings, Feldhoff suggested they have the economic development on the 29th and behaviour in December rather then the other way around. Goffinet said since the Scott will be sworn in on the 6th, behaviour should go first rather then second so they can have a full Council discussion on the 13th.

Feldhoff motioned to have the meetings as presented. Halyk agreed with Goffinet but suggested the new Council would benefit from both of those discussions. Halyk said economic development has been backlogged time and time again. He did not think they should hold up for a new councillor. He did not know if Scott or himself had insight into economic development. However, the economic development has been delayed longer.

Hall said the reason was because all parties would be there on the 13th. In addition, there was a motion to change the budget schedule. The motion was called and carried with Halyk opposed.

The next motion was on the 2011 budget schedule. Feldhoff was not certain what strain was put on the administration for 2010. However, the motion in the package was made. Hall stated administration had not planned for an early budget to become regular. Feldhoff suggested they send a signal to administration if they want to change the way they do this on a regular basis.

This was followed by three notices of motion, all were from Halyk. The first was to provide funding to Council to take seminars as required. The second notice of motion was for Council to create a tourism advisory commission to unite the groups doing tourism. The final notice was for administration to act on motions acted on immediately and provide a report if it was not.

Feldhoff had a motion to have the engineering department do the back ground work for the museum grant request as a part of the 2011 budget. It was carried.