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REPORTING · 30th November 2010
Walter McFarlane
The Committee of the Whole meeting on Monday, November 22nd began with an Order of the Day from Councillor Randy Halyk. An order of the day is the business which a political body has set out to do.

“I call for order of the day which is a motion to go back to the standard orders of the day. This meeting was called for economic development and not for any of the other [items] on the list. I was wondering if we could go back to the order of the day,” said Halyk.

At a Committee of the Whole meeting in October, Council had determined the meeting of the 20th was to be dedicated to economic development. In 2008, Council discussed economic development after Tony Brady had sent a letter to Council representing the Harbour Group.

Several of the discussions ended up on the backburner but were not forgotten. They came up at an earlier meeting to return to the table and the meeting was determined for November 20th.

The Community Clerk and Parliamentarian, Walter McLellan stated the discussion had been put off because the Economic Development Officer, Dianne Hewlett was away at a trade show.

Halyk stated they did not need an economic development officer for the discussion as the Manager was present. Mayor Joanne Monaghan said the MK Bay users group and Kitimat Museum were scheduled to meet with Council.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff expressed he was “Choked” when he received his Agenda on Friday. He said issue had been delayed numerous times. Municipal Manager Trafford Hall said the economic development officer should be present at the discussions and this topic could be rescheduled for a later date so they could have a good effective workshop on the 13th of December.

“Long ago we set this date. If there was an issue with the scheduling with the economic development person, we could have been called that day or the very next day or when the situation arised, not at the last second, not told at all. We received an agenda which was truly not what we expected,” said Halyk.

Monaghan expressed the agenda came out late on Thursday. She said it should have come out earlier so people who have comments which could be implemented into it. She apologized to the MK Bay Users group for the delay and invited Elected Councillor Corrine Scott to join the Council at the table.