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REPORTING · 30th November 2010
Merv Ritchie
Highway 37 is being reopened to single lane traffic

A serious accident has just occurred on highway 37, 22km south of the junction with highway 16 in Terrace. No official word has been released from the RCMP or the Highways department however RCMP are on the scene and flaggers are being dispatched.

This may be a head on collision. Update: involves a tractor trailer (semi truck) and two cars.

The snow and slush, with the rapidly warming weather is making the roads and highways extremely treacherous, even at slower speeds.

Please be careful. And if preparing for a journey, check the links on the front page to Drive BC for the latest updates.
high-way conditions
Comment by richard morhart on 1st December 2010
happens every year.loved ones are killed on this high-way every winter.lack of maintance. two inches of slush,is dam close to 6 inches of fresh snow. where is the maintance. they wait till someone is killed before something is done.why wait... should make the owner of operations drive this road daily.make it safe for us all .not just for the Big trucks. every one talks of the poor condition the maintance dept. does here. no wonder the death toll rises every year. many more accidents to come with poor figured they have learned,from the many lost loved ones this highway has taken. only one to blame,thats at the top of the food chain.figure it out. GREED KILLS,Quit the cost-cutting, go UNION, Safty FIRST. Just look at the past history,the death toll speaks for itself . nothing will change,only change will save lives. Go union,you see what goes on with the present operations. high-ways maintance should be # one. the record speaks for it self.