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REPORTING · 21st November 2010
Walter McFarlane
The results of the by election are in and the winner is Corinne Scott. A small group of people were up at the Council Conference Room in City Hall waiting for the results to pour in. Among them were Mary Murphy, the only candidate to take the preliminary results seriously (by showing up) and Mayor Joanne Monaghan, who commented about showing up after spending the hour pacing at home.

One comment of the evening was about voters coming into vote saying they had not realized the election was going on and that it had been poorly advertised.

Just after 8:40 pm, the results came in. The first results came from upper Kitimat and the Child Development Centre. These were followed by the results from the early poling stations. As this note was passed, the phone rang again with the Riverlodge results.

Corinne Scott, the newcomer to Kitimat with Alberta political experience was declared the winner of the preliminary count with 576 votes. The official results will be announced tomorrow at two at the conference room.

Edwin Empindo also did well, considering he was thought to be a one issue candidate, landing just over 400 votes and showing that health care is still one of the biggest concerns in the community. The results themselves show just how difficult it is to select between 6 good candidates.

Scott landed just over 30% of the votes meaning 70% of Kitimat did not vote for her. It would be interesting to see what would have happened in an election between Empinado and Scott with no other candidates running.

In addition, the parallels between this election in Kitimat and the last Terrace By-Election are also astounding.

David Pernarowski ran in a race of 7 different hopefuls. Like Scott he had moved to Terrace 3 years before and had become involved in Terrace politics when he was asked to help resolve the Tourism fiasco with the Terrace Tourism Society. The Terrace By-Election was held when a Councillor, Rich McDaniel, passed away in office one year away from the next full municipal election. After sitting as a Councillor for one year Pernarowski chose to run for the Mayor’s job defeating former long term Terrace Mayor Jack Talstra.

Corinne Scott ran in a race of 6 different hopefuls. She worked with several different groups including the Retire in Kitimat Task Force and the Advisory Planning Commission. She moved to Kitimat three years before running. This Kitimat By-Election was held when a Councillor, Rich Mclaren, passed away in office. It is now one year from the next election.

The question we pose. Are we one year away from crowning Mayor Corinne Scott?