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REPORTING · 17th November 2010
Walter McFarlane
The Chalet in Kitimat was the scene of a dramatic rescue on Friday, November 5th. A bear cub had climbed up into the apple tree outside the restaurant. The onlookers noted there was no sign of a mother and there was a fear the cub had been orphaned or the mother was lurking out of site. Fortunately for the cub, Angelikaof the Northern Lights Wildlife Society was in Kitimat that day.

“The bear chose a part of the tree where I could not reach him,” said Angelika. “The cub had obviously been orphaned for some time, weighing in at 25 lb instead of the usual healthy weight of 60 – 80 lb this time of year.”

After contacting groups in Kitimat who have the trucks capable of reaching the bear, it was Jack Oviatt who came to the rescue. He brought out a front end loader and used it to chase the bear to a part of a tree where Angelique could reach it with her Tranquilizer pole.

“In honour of Jack and the place he was found, the onlookers named the cub Jack Chalet,” said Angelika. “Jack has settled in very well, claimed a den box and spends his days alternating between sleeping and eating. As he is underweight he will not truly hibernate, but his activity will be greatly reduced, basically only to eating once every day or two. He is expected to make a full recovery and will be released back into your region in the spring of 2011.”
Great Work Angelika!!
Comment by Nicole Goffinet on 18th November 2010
The work that Angelika and the Northern Lights Wildlife Society does is fantastic. The center is not funded by government but has done incredible work. It is nice to see that when our town is putting effort into bylaws and encouraging us to be Bear Aware and act responsibly that there is someone out there supporting the efforts.

All the food, supplies, animal cages, etc. of the society are as a result of fundraising. To help support the Northern Wildlife Society you can donate from the following webpage . You can also click on the links to the left of the page to learn about the society and its efforts to help the bears, moose, cougars and other animals in our area.
Thumbs Up !!
Comment by Sharie Cates on 17th November 2010
What a Great thing to hear..
We have recently Moved to the Kootenays(Robson BC) and Encountered a Similar Event just a few Weeks back. With the exception of that Our Neighbours Next Door Tree Bared 4 Bears.. We Called it Our Bear Tree.. Our Bear tree was Left alone for the night and in the Morning the Bears had all Left ... Glad to hear the Little Bear made it Down Safe and will get Great Care....
Thank You Jack Again for Showing Us what kind of Great People Live in Kitimat.
Your Family is Always Willing to Go Out on a Limb to Help the Community... :)