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REPORTING · 16th November 2010
Walter McFarlane
The eleventh question after the break wanted to know how they intended to work with Northern Health to keep the hospital running.

Debbie Rauhanen passed the question to Edwin.

Edwin Empinado said they need to keep the services regardless of size. The Ultrasound service is used by both orthopaedic and general surgery programs. He said they need to keep the services. They know the challenges and the solution is to lobby Government, Council and Northern Health to plan and show them the town is dying and they need to keep the program to try and draw in businesses. He ran to bring Northern Health to the Council table to try and receive help.

Michelle deLisser passed as well.

Linda Campbell said the community needs to come together to let the government know this is not acceptable. When the government is told this they will back off for a little while. If the town backs off, they will come back in. She said they need a representative on Northern Health to continue to petition government and NHA on their behalf. This is what elected officials are supposed to do. The community needs to hold them accountable.

Corinne Scott said it would be good to have Rio Tinto Alcan on the side of Kitimat to try and convince the health services to stay here. They need to expand the extended care and they need to plan for the aging population. This would also free up hospital space for the rest of the community. She stated we all have to work collaboratively to protect the services.

Mary Murphy agreed and wanted to improve the services we have. “It’s not acceptable for somebody to have their treatment in emergency in a chair outside. It’s not acceptable,” said Murphy. “It’s not acceptable for somebody to sit in Emergency from in the morning to at night and not have a bed. It’s not acceptable and we need to communicate that to the government.”