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REPORTING · 16th November 2010
Walter McFarlane
The eighth question after the break came from Derick Stinson. He stated this year, Kitimat residents had a 20% tax increase. He asked them how they would bring Kitimatís spending in line for a community our size.

Mary Murphy said the community has not felt the full impact of Eurocanís closure and it would be felt next year. She said the Council will have to work hard to attract other businesses to the community. She said the people of Kitimat need to embrace the industries they do not like who are coming here and find out more about them, including the risks they bring.

Corinne Scott stated there was mismanagement of resources through out the community. She suggested looking at the spending in the municipality such as areas where money can be cut back. One idea was to stop cutting the grass every week.

Linda Campbell said they do not need to focus on the grass but focus on the workers in the upper levels of the District Offices for cuts. She said there were people in the District Union who had to cover expenses which other unions received. She got booed for pointing out Councillor Mario Feldhoff was doing a good job at making decisions on District spending.

Michelle deLisser said they needed economic stimulation to get the population back up to speed. She said there were items such as snow removal which were taking cuts. She said she did not have experience with budgeting but she would prioritize it.

Edwin Empinado said the budget should be transparent and retain basic services. He suggested cutting from the top of the tree rather then from the roots. If they cut the basic services, the tree will fall and die.

Debbie Rauhanen chose to agree with Michelle and Mary. Bringing in businesses would create tax dollars for the community. She also said she needs to prioritize her spending and act within the needs.