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REPORTING · 16th November 2010
Walter McFarlane
The seventh question after the break asked since one of the candidates would be elected in the by election, what would the candidates be doing in the mean time if they are not elected.

Debbie Rauhanen said she would continue working with what she was doing, meeting and talking with people about what’s going on in the community. She said she would commit herself to service.

Edwin Empinado said he would continue being himself at work and outside. He said he would continue fighting for this community and fighting for healthcare.

Michelle deLisser said if she was not elected, she would meet with people and find out what their issues are. She will attend Council meetings and work an issue regarding camping on the Kitimat River.

Linda Campbell said she will remain chair of the Recreation Commission and on the Library Board as the Vice Chair. She will continue to advocate for this community as she always has because she loves the community and wants to see it survive. She said it was imperative for everyone to do what they can do to help the community to survive. It was not a time to ‘talk fuzzy’ but a time to be bold and look at the reality. The non municipal government is allowing things to happen in our community which should not be happening. Campbell said the fish hatchery was threatened and no one knows about it.

Corinne Scott stated she will run again next year. She said she would continue with the Retire Kitimat Task Force and stay on the Advisory Planning Commission as she enjoys this part of the government. Finally, she said she wants to work on making the community more accessible so people can get around.

Mary Murphy said she’d continue to teach and visit the hatchery, Eurocan and Alcan and KTIDS. Once Eurocan is no longer an option, she’ll join their bandwagon and try to secure the port for Kitimat. She hopes to educate her self, learn about the community and she will be back.