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REPORTING · 16th November 2010
Walter McFarlane
The Sixth Question after the break came from Denise O’Neill. She wanted to know what the people did prior to the campaign to understand the issues in the community and what the role of an elected official was.

Mary Murphy said she was ignorant to what was going on prior to the closure of Eurocan. She was involved making sure things were in place for her members. Some moved on and some found jobs. She said she would stand up in council so people in the community are educated and have the proper resources.

Corinne Scott stated she was new to Kitimat. She said she was aware of the job losses and aware of the pain of losing a job and not knowing where to go or how to get there. She said she hated to see that happen and felt sorry for people who had to move to Alberta and hated to see them go as she knows the cost of living is high there. She said she would be sure the community has resources to help with situations.

Linda Campbell pointed out she served on the community mental health and addiction committee and surprised about how many people rely on the services. She said they need to continue to petition the government for the funding for these services. She said there were people in Kitimat who did not realize there were homeless people in the community. She said the community needs to provide for all of the people who live here and everyone feels valued. She thanked the workers who provide services.

Michelle deLisser said she noticed over the last five years, the increase in new people with disabilities and teen mothers in the communities. She said she would fight for provincial funding. She also suggested ways of brining teen mothers together to get them the information they need so they can have children and be an asset to the community.

Edwin Empinado said he wanted to be a nurse. He said in becoming the leader of the union and joining KHAG, he got trouble and he did not know weather he would get in more trouble sitting on Council. However, Kitimat was his community and he wants to defend his community. He said the role of an elected official was to be a role model and serve the community with his talents. He will continue both. Politics is community service and as he believed in the community, he will be a good example.

Debbie Rauhanen said she could not compete with Edwin’s answer.