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REPORTING · 16th November 2010
Walter McFarlane
The Fourth question after the break came from Doug Thompson. He said he was encouraged by the display of democracy and hoped to see the people running back again next year. He stated Council was perceived as dysfunctional and wanted to know what the candidates were going to do make Council seem more productive.

Debbie Rauhanen said this was a tough question. For any of the people there going in for a year, it would be difficult. She said if they wanted a miracle, it was not going to happen. She said the 2011 election would be the one which sets Kitimat going.

Edwin Empinado said the real issue is the preservation of Health Care. He said they need healthy discussions to resolve issues and health care information needed to be accessible to Council.

Michelle deLisser said if she got voted in, she did not have a personal agenda or contacts in the Council. She would treat Council members with the utmost respect and was not threatened by them. She was trying to get youth interested in politics.

Linda Campbell said people know her and she was not running to cause friction. She said she was asked to come forward to produce what the community needs at this time. “What we need at this time is probably not something that many of us can give,” said Campbell. She promised to give her opinions to Council and give them respectively and listen to the opinions of others. She also said she is willing to put Kitimat first because the problems facing the community boil down to education and healthcare. Two services which would hurt the community if they are gone.

Corinne Scott said she would like to see more openness and transparency as people hide information instead of sharing the knowledge. She would like to see more cohesiveness from Council and Administration. She suggested quarterly newsletters from the Council and town hall meetings to establish dialogue between Council and the community and so the Community knows what Council is doing.

Mary Murphy said Change begins with the person who goes in respectively and treats everyone with respect. She said having different opinions at the table was great and important. She said she was hurt when she found out others have been pressured not to run in the election and if they did run, they would not be supported in 2011.