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REPORTING · 16th November 2010
Walter McFarlane
The Third Question after the break came from Gary Warrens, President of CAW 2301. He was optimistic for a new smelter. He wanted to know what they will do to bring new business to Kitimat and bring another marina.

Mary Murphy said modernization was important. Using Eurocan as an example, she stated that if one does not modernize, the industry gets left behind. She said upgrading was important and she will keep trying to bring back Eurocan. As for the marina, she said they want to promote tourism without giving the resources needed to maintain a livelihood. She said she sold her boat because they did not have a place for it. She added their is a Councillor who was working on this problem.

Corinne Scott spoke about marina development. They have a boat at Minette Bay marina. However, they cannot go on day trips because of the tide changes. They always go out over night. She said Rio Tinto Alcan wants a marina operating in an environmentally healthy way. She promised to remain in touch with Rio Tinto Alcan about putting a marina in there.

Linda Campbell said money was spent on an animal shelter, why can’t Council do the same thing with Moon Bay because people use the marina and it brings business into the community. She said they were here for ideas.

Michelle deLisser commented the modernization could cost jobs but the plant could be an incentive for other businesses to come into Kitimat. As for the marina, the Council needs to work with Alcan, not just for running the marina but to find someone who is willing to operate a new marina for the community.

Edwin Empinado said we should work to preserve the health care services because having a hospital here would encourage businesses to come here. He said it was a concern, Council should be brought into the equation.

Debbie Rauhanen agreed with Mary because the only way for a solution was for everyone to work together.