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REPORTING · 16th November 2010
Walter McFarlane
The ninth speaker was a Rio Tinto Alcan worker who has worked for 5 years. He has noticed everyone in the last 5 years who has been hired for RTA has been hired from Terrace with almost 500 people coming from Terrace. He asked the people running for Council if they had any plans to convince people to pick Kitimat as their home over Terrace.

Debbie Rauhanen suggested the problem was Kitimat cannot provide what Terrace can as there were lack of businesses and industry in the town. If the town was more attractive, more people would chose Kitimat as their home over Terrace. She pointed out people need to have a Walmart or a Canadian Tire and Kitimat does not have anything like that.

Edwin Empinado chose to pass.

Michelle deLisser said this is where having a good relationship with Rio Tinto Alcan came into play. She had worked as a summer student. She was told if she wanted to get hired after she finished school, she needed a PO box in Terrace and Alcan would hire her. She applied at Alcan and did not get hired. She said the PO box was not the case. If the town of Kitimat wanted respect from Alcan, they would have to respect Alcan back.

Linda Campbell said they cannot go to industry and tell them who they have to hire and where they have to hire them from. What they could do however is encourage the company to hire local people who are as qualified as someone in Terrace. She said this would grow the economy and it was possible to have light industry and businesses grow in our community.

Corinne Scott said the Council cannot get involved in telling Rio Tinto Alcan who they can and cannot hire but the Council could encourage them. She suggested Kitimat become a destination for people who do want to live here. She suggested filling the mall with small businesses to bring people from Terrace to shop here.

Mary Murphy said when Eurocan shut down; Rio Tinto Alcan hired Eurocan employees who had lost their jobs again and again. She stated the modernization was a corporate decision which only they can control. She stated they needed more corporate communication with the industries in town so both groups supported each other.

With that, further questions would be delayed until after a short break.