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REPORTING · 9th November 2010
Walter McFarlane
The Looking for Love Animal Shelter had its grand opening on November 8th. The opening began with a ribbon cutting at 1:00. The community poured into the renovated building from 1 until 5 in the afternoon to see what the building looked like although animals had not been moved in just yet.

“It was wonderful because the community got behind it,” said Mayor Joanne Monaghan. “I know that every cat and kitten and puppy and dog will say thank you to you.”

Monaghan commented this was the first time while she had been on Council she had seen the community had ever got behind a project. She and Ron Burnett also commented how Councillor Richard McLaren had supported the project.

Many of the speakers commented on the help which people gave and how groups which came to work on the shelter returned to work on the shelter. Kim Siepman thanked many, many people for the work which they have done. He expressed there was a list inside the shelter. Siepman received special thanks as he had started as a consultant and then stayed on the project through out the renovations.

“The community stepped up big time. I think in the process, we got rid of that sense of entitlement and what not that we’ve had in this community for some time. We’re finally starting to operate like a good healthy normal community. We see a need, we get some people together and we go out and we get it done. We don’t go looking for great big handouts from elsewhere,” said Burnett.

“We also received a lot more support then we thought we would have from out of the community. The love for animals and the need for shelters for animals were recognized throughout the province,” added Burnett. “I have found this a very inspiring project. It reconfirmed my faith in humanity. […] We’ve had a total cross section of the community down here doing whatever they can for a common cause. I think that’s wonderful. I think this shelter is more then a new shelter. This is a symbol of the new Kitimat. We are going to reinvent ourselves into a powerful vibrant community once again and I think this has been a tremendous start.

“This building is a legacy to our community built from community Spirit and Care,” said Yvonne Lee of the Looking for Love Animal Shelter Society.

Mayor and Council received thanks for the support which they had given the animal shelter as well as special thanks for purchasing the building and contributing greatly to its renovation. The key to the building will be turned over to the District of Kitimat at the next televised Council meeting.

Special thanks went out to many people who made the shelter a reality by giving their time. Many of which were present behind the presenters or watching the ribbon cutting. Also present for the ribbon cutting was Chief, the Shelter Dog.

The final unveiling was of a bench at the front which gave special thanks to Lees who gave a lot of work to the animal shelter.
new animal shelter
Comment by Vanne Hanisch-Godoy on 12th November 2010
I am glad to hear the new shelter has opened.
The old shelter left no room to move around for the animals, but there was still was a shelter. I am happy to know that the new shelter will offer animals room to be themselves. I used to volunteer walking the dogs. Too bad Bear is gone now. Animals have feelings and needs too.