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Bond and Day in Asia
COMMENTARY · 9th November 2010
Randy Halyk
Kitimat is also a deep water port in the northwest of BC and yet the BC Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Shirley Bond neglected to even mention Kitimat as another port of entry and egress for Asian Goods. See News Release Here.

It is high time that the Province looks at all the assets in BC.

Kitimat spends 100,s of thousands of dollars each year to run the Investor services office to attract industries to Kitimat and yet the Minister of Transportation for the Province does not even mention Kitimat when traveling to Asia to stimulate trade.

We definitely need to ask what is going on!

I have seen Diane Hewlett’s presentations promoting our region and I am truly impressed with the amount of information she can produce about Kitimat and the potential we have to become a great shipping port.

Is this data falling on deaf ears in the halls of power or is our message not getting out.
You would think that even if investor services is not targeting the right audience that with the notoriety lately swirling around the debate about The Enbridge Project that The Port of Kitimat would be by default, on the minds of the powers that be, both provincially and federally.

On the Pacific Gateway web site even though the ports on the west coast of the US are shown The Port of Kitimat is nowhere to be found not even a mention, how can this be, after all Kitimat has been shipping worldwide since the 1950s.

Does RTA not support expanding the opportunities at the Port of Kitimat/Kitamaat surely with their clout they could help us move forward?

An alliance of major industries traveled with Minister Bond and Stockwell Day to promote BC and the Pacific Gateway and its benefits, hopefully they brought with them expertise to help make good deals for BC. The members are listed on the web site.

The question should be asked why is RTA not part of the Alliance indeed they are a major part of the British Columbia Industrial makeup and they already have many connections worldwide, could they not smooth the way to connect with the movers and shakers around the Pacific Rim and indeed worldwide?

As we know they (Rio Tinto Alcan) reside in Kitimat, an unknown community along the pacific coast of Canada that just so happens to have a deep water port and the need to maintain a large infrastructure over designed to support the RTA Smelter, with a population in need of clean sustainable economic development, like a bulk port amongst others to ship and receive all manner of product around the world, not just Aluminum and Alumina/Bauxite or the products required to run a smelter.

Please Minister Bond and Minister Day put Kitimat on your radar and help us promote more sustainable growth in the North West of British Columbia.