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NEWS RELEASE · 31st October 2010
Walter McFarlane
The Kitimat Daily contacted all of all the candidates in the by-election via email and asked them a simple question: in 150 words or less, If elected to Council, what would they bring to the table. The fourth reply we received was from Linda Campbell.

Here is her response:

I can tell you exactly what my competitors can do!

If elected, THEY, can and will have to, develop a working understanding of:

• their roles, responsibilities, and duties under The Municipal Government Act;

•Legislative Process and Robert's Rules Of Order

•develop thorough knowledge of City bylaws, policies, strategic plans, status of City finances and current issues facing The City;

•Assets and Liabilities

•City advantages and disadvantages

•begin strategic planning in order to set direction,
priorities, and corporate objectives.

•develop a working relationship with Administration and the City’s governance and organizational structure;

•Learn how NOT be dominated or manipulated by those in power + SAVE KITIMAT ALL IN 1 YEAR!

However, Linda Campbell has been there and done that! So unlike my competitors I'm COMPLETELY prepared to get to work IMMEDIATELY, on Health,
Education, Economy, Services, Reform, and a Business Plan for Kitimat!

All I need, is your support Kitimat! Thank you.