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REPORTING · 26th October 2010
Walter McFarlane
Councillor Mario Feldhoff was raising items from the Status Report at the Council Meeting on October 12th which were marked as complete, but he believed to be incomplete. One of the items was a motion to communicate with the Regional District after James Archibald presented at Council to try and facilitate a positive outcome for the concerns he raised regarding MK Bay Marina.

“I don’t recall receiving a report back from our staff on the outcome of the discussion they had with regional district staff to see if there might be a positive outcome. I ask that this item not be marked complete until such time that we [discuss that],” said Feldhoff.

Feldhoff said he would like a report back on it. Municipal Manager Trafford Hall said he could do that right now.

“Archibald had said a whole lot of things and we did our research and found out a whole lot of things weren’t true,” said Hall.

Hall said he went out to MK Bay Marina and saw the tugs moored at the bay. He learned Archibald never was kicked out and they were trying to work out some issues with Archibald. The Council would not be able to contribute to this.

“I thought that there would be something seriously amiss,” said Hall. “But they are responsible people who report to a board of directors, have got this thing in hand and are dealing very reasonably with Mr. Archibald. […] They are sitting there while they work this out, taking up dock space that, according to them, he’s not entitled to but they recognize they have an issue so they’re…”

Feldhoff clarified the vessels were there, and Monaghan confirmed they were there Sunday. Councillor Bob Corless commented this was before the courts. Gottschling clarified the issue was that Archibald had bought two boats in order to moor his tugs.

Hall pointed out the tugs are not floating out in the middle of the Douglas Channel. Gottschling reminded him the issue was that Archibald had a business here in Kitimat and without a spot to moor his vessels; he would not be able to run his business. He pointed out upon purchasing a boat; one can maintain the contract for the spot. However, there was a long list of people trying to get into MK Bay Marina and this could be seen as jumping the cue.

“I think the issue now is if Mr. Archibald loses his court case, then the issue is: he is floating out somewhere with no place to go and I’m just wondering whether the Regional District would take into consideration the seriousness of a business man trying to go to all lengths of trying to get somewhere where he has got these issues and stay there,” said Gottschling.

Corless said there were alternatives. He said the Haisla had offered Archibald room at their docks and he declined. It would have created less hardship but it seemed he was trying to beat the crowds.

Gottschling clarified. Monaghan stated they were off topic and this was now before the courts so they should not be talking about it. Feldhoff suggested it remain on the list so they do not lose sight of it. Councillor Randy Halyk suggested it was because they have not seen their status report in a couple of months.

Feldhoff, pleased with the report decided to have it removed as it was complete.