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REPORTING · 19th October 2010
Walter McFarlane
Councillor Gerd Gottschling was seen waving a report in front of the Mayor’s face. He was not pleased that it had not been in the Council Package and had been passed to him from an unnamed source. The Committee of the Whole Meeting for Monday, October 12th was almost over.

“It has the stamp on it, District of Kitimat, received in October. Then it’s addressed to Joanne Monaghan,” said Gottschling.

Monaghan stated she did not have it. Gottschling said they need to make certain she did have it.

Gottschling explained the report was by Steve Connally from Quebec and it compares Kitimat and Elliot Lake. Monaghan said she had received a letter from him in July and Gottschling told her this was a follow up letter.

Monaghan wanted to know why she did not get this report. Other Councillor’s had reported seeing it and the memo on the cover of the letter addressed it to the Mayor and suggested she pass copies around to the Councillors.

Municipal Manager, Trafford Hall said the report had come across his desk earlier that day. Gottschling gave notice of motion to discuss the report.

“He mentions a lot of things,” said Gottschling who thought it might have been discussed while he was away.

Councillor Randy Halyk stated he thought it was strange the memo was dated received October 1st. He expressed it should go to both as it would be beneficial to have both Mayor and Council on the same page. He cited Cuff on this.

Monaghan expressed if she had read it, she would have passed a copy on to the rest of the Council. What actually happened?

Monaghan went to her office at the end of the meeting and found a copy of the report on her desk. It had come in the weekend of UBCM and the Acting Manager had forwarded a copy to Hall and Dianne Hewlett and Monaghan thus the confusion was resolved.