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REPORTING · 14th October 2010
Merv Ritchie, Walter McFarlane

Recent news indicates Rio Tinto is shuffling it’s international workforce in the production of aluminium billets. The market, supplied by Kitimat will now be supplied their Australian Operations. The North American market for aluminium billets will be fed by US operations.

There is general optimism that this will continue to make Rio Tinto a healthy company which will find new markets for the product planned to be produced from the new smelter. There is general pessimism that this is an indication that Rio Tinto is not committed to the community of Kitimat.

Check out the following link for the relevant sources of information.
Believe it when it is online and producing.
Comment by Daniel Carter on 15th October 2010
It is one thing to say that RTA is going ahead with the modernization project but all I see so far is a huge warehouse and production shutdowns. The past has a sour taste for Kitimat. We have been stung by too many other industries with false promises. I hope that RTA is good on their word and keep at least some production for our future but I am not holding my breath any more.